Water stains on the inside of the North exterior wall near the ceiling???

While inspecting a six year old home yesterday I noticed what appeared to be water stains on the North exterior wall of a bedroom. The stain started at the wall ceiling junction. There were 4 stains along a ten foot section of wall.

I was thinking maybe the header above the window wasn’t insulated but there is a stain in each corner of the room which is beyond the window/header.

My guess would be no or very little insulation in these areas. When it’s cold outside the warm moist air inside must condense.

I checked the attic space above this area and noticed no baffles at the eves (in this area) and the blown in fiberglass insulation is up to the OSB at the eve. There are no signs of moisture in the attic and the roofing is in great condition.

Anyone run into anything like this or have any ideas?

Thank you!:smiley:

Yes! all the time for some reason people think that packing the area with insulation will be better than proper ventilation to the soffit.

I wouldn’t speculate on the reason for it. State you saw water stains on the ceiling that were dry at the time. Recommend a further evaluation. IMO.

Thank you for that reminder. I get caught up in trying to answer all of my clients questions.