Leaking and Defective Anderson Windows under Warranty?

This 13 year old home has several moisture damaged Anderson windows at the bottom of the bottom sashes.

Have you seen this, and have any experience/followup/information with any warranty?

115_6820 (Small).JPG

115_6877 (Small).JPG

115_6845 (Small).JPG

A lot of this I have seen is caused by condensation on the glass, which in Anderson’s warranty will state this is a common occurance and will not cover it. But here’s a number to Anderson to call for warranty issues 888-888-7020

This should be a winter condition and not this time of the year. Could rainwater be wicking up from the sill through an unpainted lower sash surface or running in between the the side sash and the window jamb?

Thanks, but what about the exposed section of window sill that I commonly see?
The windows at the garage have the same condition.

115_6967 (Small).JPG

115_6820 (Small).JPG

Recommend sealing this area. I have had this same type of Anderson window in my own home and the wood under the vinyl completely rotted out underneath it, leaving a nice spongy sill.

Now I see that these are vinyl clad windows…a bad idea as the seal has to be PERFECT all of the time. If a bit of water gets behind the vinyl, it takes a long time to get dried out and usually rot has begun. I would never buy a vinyl clad window!!!