Anderson Windows & Stucco

Home is 13 years old.

Original installation of Anderson Narrowline double hung windows.

Siding is hardcoat stucco over R-Max foamboard sheathing.

The trim around the window (vinyl clad wood frame) overlaps the frame and sill of the window at the exterior. There is an open seam along the sill where water from the sill runoff is diverted into the trim and behind the stucco. The wood within the vinyl cladding is decaying from water intrusion. There is no flashing present behind the trim and/or at the sill/stucco intersection.

I have not seen this trim detail before. It appears to be a poor design detail to intentionally have the water from the sill to be divertedbehind the trim. Any thoughts or encounters with this install?

Hi. Joe;

Having spent 3 days at the Anderson plant in Indianappolis, the vinyl clad double hungs are molded and do not have seams at the corners as this one depicts.

Is this a vinyl clad or replacement double hung?

It might not be an Anderson at all, but you must have seen something to indicate it to be.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :smiley:

Typically, Andersens have a treated water repellent wood core and welded (vinyl) seams. An open corner joint is puzzeling.

Does not look like a typical Andersen window to me either.

Windows were Anderson.

I had never seen this type of outer perimeter trim detail. It may be possible that the trim was not an original Anderson design detail.

(Also, I did not remove the trim as pictured. It was removed by a GC who was along on the inspection. He seemed as puzzled by the installation as I was.)

It looks to me like a standard window frame on which the corner weld has failed. Perhaps the local Andersen representative can help identify the problem and recommend a solution.