Leaking Basement : Advice Needed

I spoke to Mark Anderson on the phone the other day, since he lives 50 miles away I figured I’d send a few pictures tonight after a light rain, to give an idea of the kind of job that may need to be done.

I’m sure there’s more leaks, if it rains harder I’ll go down and check them for more and post them.

I would have PMed him if there was an option…maybe there is and I didn’t see it.

Thanks for the help



Go here: http://www.nachi.org/forum/f23/need-advice-basement-leak-90161/index3.html#post1225454 and click on his name and then click on send a private message.
Or, he’ll be along in a while.

Loool, how is Mr. Glidden and Mr Kage!!!

Erik, lets ‘do’ a few of your photos…
is photo 3 directly under photo 4 and–or photo 5?

Photo 4, looks like most of the water is first entering due to, exterior openings in/around the sill and–or window BUTT, also looks like there is a crack in the wall… yes or no?

Is #7 underneath #6?
Your getting some water in through that crack, yes? And is there any water, water stains ABOVE the crack?
And yes sir, #6 a previous patch/whatever interior attempt
Hear all too often that these inside/interior injections etc…supposedly last forever, what a crock.

#12, 13, ah, the gas line you told me about.
Looks to be about 3 1/2’ below ground huh.

Other photos 14, 16 etc…openings above grade too, lol, wonderful.
Yes sir, you have 1 or more openings ABOVE the basement window(s) and yep, if there is 1+ first floor windows above the basement window(s) then water could be entering through those. Or, for those with brick homes, sometimes its 1+ cracked, open joints etc above grade or, sometimes its where a service line enters the house

Have you set up any appointments/est’s with any of our supposed honest interior system companies yet? Please let us all know how that goes sir.

Short 1 minute video,
Chickens Are Decent People! George C… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ze_dBldmBDw
Hey, are all the interior system salesmen etc DECENT people, are they better than chickens…huh?
Name 6 ways inside sales-turds are better than chickens?
You don’t see chickens hanging around in drug gangs do ya?
You don’t see a chicken strapping some guy to a chair and hookin’ up his ____ to a car battery do ya?

'Cuz chickens are decent people.

Photos 1-4 are of and or below 1 glass block.

Photo’s 5-7 are of and or below a separate glass block window

I do not know if it actually leaks from this crack yet, there was a light rain perhaps tomorrow I will go do your water test and see.

Yes as mentioned I do…I just canceled Ever-Dry this morning as the receptionist was extremely pushy with me to have my wife present. I explained I owned this house before meeting my wife and (as mean as it may sound) and she is not on the deed and has no legal interest and since she has no knowledge of anything structural or mechanical for that matter and the fact we have a 10 month old and 2 year old she would not be present. She insisted and I told her if shes that pushy I’d hate to see the sales rep, so I canceled.

Unfortunately I made these appointments before finding/reading this and many other sites seeing your posts and contacting you. But I’d still like you to come out. I know your on jobs now and I’ll patiently wait until you contact me next week.

Thanks! For some odd reason I didn’t have that option yesterday after creating a forum account. Today I do. YAY!

Thank you for being helpful, I have several forum accounts and usually see people get blasted for creating a post instead of PMing. Glad to see this is a very friendly community.


Yes sir, Mr Larry and others are good peeps, willing to help etc. :wink:

And umm Everdry… hhahahaaaaa!
Jesus, eh, they say they’re very honest, ethical, trusting etc etc. #-o](,)#-o](,)

Why then (just another example of), the STOOOOOPID insistence that ‘both’ Ma and Pa be home… to listen to their bulllshtt stories.

FSM will prolly tell ya you have structural issues etc etc and open up that wallet for more bs.

B Dry? loool Well, we know they also will want to install a super-doper interior system, this trade/business is so FULL of incompetent, negligent, fraudulent turds who misrepresent just about all homeowners problems

Some of these interior system salespeople and owners who ‘do’ the estimates want-to stay and yap with the homeowners for hours… even throughout dinner.

And Haege used to highly recommend Everdry for years and he continues to highly recommend FSM and B Dry… good luck folks!

Erik, per our phone conversation, best I can do/get to you guys, will be the week AFTER this coming wk, sorry… just being honest, no games here. Live north of I 69 and you guys are downriver, lool.

Poured wall, bowed in with several cracks in wall… Drippy Dry water-dorkin installed a few beams inside and put some wonderful crap in DUH cracks for about $5,500. Still leaks and umm, the beams etc did not remove, relieve,lessen ANY of the causes/weight acting upon the dumb basement wall

FIRST 5 photos here, poured wall, cracks. They installed an interior basement system and put more junk in cracks… still leaks, and again homeowner OUT $$$$. Now what? loool CMON peeps.

“Perma Seal system failing”… notice what they applied to/over that part of wall, likely crack… lool. Games people play

Here’s a homeowner who sued an interior system company and won.
“Water management system… misleading proposal”. Yep, sure was.

Good people/homeowners getting lied-to, bs’d, their real problems and solution being MISREPRESENTED!

No worries here as I will be canceling all them on Monday. no need to waste my time on the Interior guys.

I understand.

My pleasure to help.

You will be very happy that you went with Mark’s service/advice…

He’s the best at your type of issues. :slight_smile:

I’m just glad you guys are here educating people, had you not, I wouldn’t have found you and would be sitting upstairs here with and an Interior Waterproof solution downstairs cuz I knew no better.

Larry being too nice :wink:

Am just an honest, experienced waterproofing contractor, that’s it.
Do I get a bit ‘edgy’ (lool) on the message board at times? Dang skippy!
Some don’t like it? Boo hoo, least I don’t hide, lie about who I am and what we do, don’t cheat people as many others in this business do
(some may incorrectly assume i did by using the name BUBBA here, nonsense! I wasn’t looking for any dang credit, was attempting to help, inform, anonymously! When i initially signed in here, i did use my real friggin name but caught quite a bit of crap, so i changed it, got that? lol).

—sowy, have a handful of extra minutes before its time TA dig! loool

I don’t wear suits etc on estimates, don’t get ‘prettied up’ (nothing to pretty up!). I don’t bring a briefcase or bullsht videos etc, i don’t lie about people’s problems in order to get the stupid job!

On most estimates, am inside the basement 5 minutes or so and then look on the outside and write up the estimate and try and answer any Q’s the homeowner may have and, zip I’m gone.

Sometimes, when the basement is finished and the homeowner doesn’t want to remove drywall etc then, i may need to do a water test to FIND their problem(s) so, on some est’s, am there for 1 1 1/2 hours

I don’t call people back 1 day or a few days after I gave them an est and tell them I can NOW, all of a sudden, LOWER the price/estimate, as many do.

Whatever the homeowners problem(s), leak is, it is… and if they want it done correctly it costs x-amount to do, I don’t have/offer ANY ‘specials’, never have and never will.

If a homeowner wants to DIY it, no problem, i would gladly explain to them what they need to do, what to get/order etc.

I’ll say this too, lool, a few homeowners ARE a pain in the azz, just like anyone/anything else, yep.
Am opposite what Haege repeatedly says, he says the CUSTOMER is always right.

I say thats nonsense! WHAT, exactly are they always right on, huh?
Jesus, when i show (hose/water test) a homeowner their problem is that water is first entering through/under a basement window then, THATS what the problem is!!
A water test doesn’t LIE, people lie!!!

If the problem is a crack in the basement wall then THAT is what the problem is! And so on. Am i perfect? HLLLLLL no!! Hello! Is anybody? But i do not cheat people. On the other hand, i GUARANTEE you that many companies/contractors in THIS business… cheat people, lie to them, oh yes indeedy. Especially the interior basement system companies!!!

Has there been a few homeowners (and i do mean a few… 3,4) that INCORRECTLY thought/dreamed-up on their own, who… still leaked a little AFTER we did a section of their basement wall? YES! ALL were because-of, they had 1 or more openings ABOVE grade that they did not seal/get fixed yet or, incorrectly thought or didn’t listen to my azz that water CAN get in through open mortar joints, openings around windows or, they had a crack etc further-down the wall that they didn’t know about OR, didn’t tell me about, sht like that…

That’s not my fault, that’s theirs.
Has there been a few homeowners leaks that i could NOT find, locate ( a few… 3, 4, 5) over all these years? Yep. But i tell them, hey, i cannot find your problem/where-how water is getting in, sorry i cannot help you… and i move on. 99% of homeowners leaks/problems i’ll g dang find.

Know how many people INCORRECTLY think ‘the grade’, poor grading, is WHY they leak? Pfttttttttttttttttttttt!!! For the nth time, that’s bulllsht, incompetence, LOOK at the many photos that have been posted, eyeball the raised and sloped grades!!! sheesh lol

Talk to you soon Erik :wink:

This heavy rain has confirmed a few things, I think I need a new Glass Block, and a new bedroom window. Found and sharpie’d a few new noticed leaks.


Any MI HI’s can recommend a few glass block and window company’s…just looked up Hanson’s and was disgusted by the BBB and ripoffreport.com complaints.


Photo 4… Did you, can you, see ANY water ‘above’ this crack?

Photos 2,3 Yes, its possible water is entering a first floor window (new or old) that is above the block window.

It’s also possible to get that water in basement/up high, through any service line that that enters the home in this area or, through any possible cracked, open mortar joints, bricks… or through something like this
Only pointing out some of the possibilities.

Photo 5… More often it is 1 or more openings/gaps/crevices on the side of the basement window or at the top of the window…something like this (is not always quite so noticeable as in this photo eh)

For other homeowners, they may have a gap like this under the sill and, may also have a crack on the outside of the block wall, as in this photo

And other times Eric, it can look something like this… see the little shtt openings on the left of this sill

I’ll never understand why HI’s try to figure out things that is way out of the scope of a HI.
Refer the darn thing and keep going to the next one.

Lets figure this one out…Ought to be fun.

Big pic for your enjoyment.
No! The building…Bunch of pervs.

Boom Shack a Lak… Wine your body, wriggle your belly, dip and go down in a new style… wine and go up, wine and go down, bubble and a rock-a to the new style around…now you fe line it up and you fe wine it up and do the boom-shack-a -lak till the dance hall full up
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nw2jNvnTZGI got milk?

Finally ! A sane NACHI member…Damit!

Improper foundation: Sandy soil, clay, and crushed shells are not sufficient to support the weight, despite trying to build one side taller to stop the leaning.

The tower, however, has shown no movement since 2008, after extensive foundation repairs, excavation, and counterweights.

…boom shak a lak…:mrgreen:


Eric, i’ll be there next Sat 7:30 am :wink:
And no problem getting the dirt hauled away, called my guy, he said no problem but said, add extra $50 for gas.

Then I tried calling ‘Downriver’, disc…apparently OOB.

Couple of short videos…interior system companies, yep, it happens all over :wink:
Salesperson gets 'em signed up for $7,000 and then, some owners will pop it up, bs homeowners etc… here it went to $14,000… still leaks.

Independence man says leaky basement wasn’t fixed properly (and he’s right but, he’s out $12,000 and few seem to give 1 smelly shtt)
…Lifetime guarantee! loool same old junk.

Homeowner says, he thinks bowing problem is fixed…
well, for the HO’s sake, we sure hope so but, if the company did not remove the soil/clay/roots etc off the wall, i doubt it.

Here’s a good guy in duh Great White North… eh.
Lets read a few things he has ta say…
Under… Classic post war…
“So the water is supposed to drain through an average of 6 feet of clay… enter the drain tile which conducts the water to a sump pump or sewer. Meanwhile the damproofing layer stops water and moisture from touching the wall. SURE. The system has some pretty serious shortcomings”…

6’ or so of clay, silt etc on top of drain tiles.
The exterior drain tiles are laid along the footing so, when there is a crack or other opening in the basement wall then… the exterior tiles have NOTHING to do with what is going on ABOVE the tiles, sheesh!

Many incorrectly think/claim CRAP like, 'Oh the exterior drain tiles must be clogged etc and THAT is why the basement leaks.
Your wrong! Your incompetent. Inside system salespeople tell homeowners LIES like this all the time, what a ‘crock’. (got that?)

Later Mr John says, tries to inform…
What ISN’T a waterproofing membrane and, From the INEPT to the out N out SCAMS…
in part he says/knows… 'If you see the words “water control” or “no messy outside digging” or “sub drain system”… PAY ATTENTION.
“This is what CON MEN are allowed to do to your house”…

Quite a few home inspectors tell homeowners the same crap (esp here in Michigan).
City inspectors, realtors, landscaping Cos, plumbers etc say the same thing…WHY???
Use your brains for a minute, think… the exterior drain tiles are well below cracks, cracked parging etc in the basement wall, same goes for those homeowners who get water in through/around/under basement windows, doors, where service lines enter, open-cracked mortar joints 'n bricks… cmon man.

The tiles do NOTHING to/with, water that is entering those things, those openings, ABOVE it. So WHY do so many keep repeating the same old bllsht story to unknowing homeowners??? Huh???

good meeting you Mr. Eric, you have a nice family :wink:

Oh. per recent/todays ‘other post’ where the inside system OWNER actually claims that basements were waterproofed (when built) by installing drain tiles and IF duh drain tiles aren’t functioning then, basements will leak ](,)](,)](,)](,)](,)](,)](,)](,)](,)](,) …hmmmmm, Eric’s basement leaks and it has ZERO to do with any supposed clogged drain tiles! loool
What a scam! And ‘some’ home inspectors, realtors etc actually HIGHLY recommend these scammers to unknowing homeowners, UN—be—lievable.

MAGICAL MYSTERY Tour/Beatles http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n4_TXuU9ars ‘step right into the interior system scam… waiting to take your MONEY away’