Same old incompetent crap, thought process is all wrong!!!!

What is this guy or anyone else like him doing suggesting/recommending supposed fixes for leaky basements, give Mark Anderson a dang break with this weak negligent bs. Answer people’s questions your good at would you please!!!

Run a water test with a hose to determine if there are cracks, rod holes etc!!!

The homeowner tries a bunch of junk that does NOT determine how/where the water is getting in!!!!!!!@@#^&%^())**&)^*&& looool

Sad, very sad.

Thhhhhhhhhhhen, we have old Henri chiming in, same old moronic nonsense.
Install an interior system huh?
Build a curtain drain huh?

Go fix a door bell please!

The homeowner needs to determine whether or not there is 1 or more cracks in the 2 basement walls, or rod holes etc if they are poured walls. You do that by running a WATER TEST!!! loooollll

If this homeowners basement is finished then he won’t SEE any possible cracks in walls or rod holes etc.

If the basement is NOT finished then he… STILL may NOT see any cracks on the inside of the basement walls IF they are block, or brick walls.
THAT does NOT mean there are any EXTERIOR cracks in block/brick walls, or cracked parging.

RUN… a…WATER TEST with a hose.

And if the basement IS finished then it may be a good idea to take off some of the drywall etc… that would help define some of the possibilities of the problem and they may have some mold etc on wall(s).

Most homeowners with leaky basements ONLY see, get water at----along the very bottom of the wall… where the floor meets the wall!!! That’s one reason they get screwed, lied-to by inside system companies.
And it’s one reason why Henri and many others do not UNDERSTAND this subject and recommend dog—crap repairs.

Some water could also be entering from 1++ above grade openings around ANY windows, doors etc. Run a water test AGAINST those as well.

Sometimes one needs to go through a process of elimination in order to GET TO the actual problem so that, duhhhh, one can actually FIX the problem instead of being another incompetent moron and ind install an interior basement system or curtain drain etc etc. Installing window well covers or raising the grade etc is NOT going about the correct means of a process of elimination, no its SNOT.

You take a dang hose as I have in this video and lay it on the ground, on the outside of where the homeowner gets water inside, got that?

This homeowner got water in basement, out the chimney chute door within a few minutes and as I say in this video and the next-video (BEFORE we dug it out!), there will be a crack or rod holes etc on the exterior chimney wall(s) and its because of those openings, water gets in. Its not the grade, its not the pitch of dumb concrete etc.

About to saw-cut a concrete slab, in order to hand dig/waterproof the problems. NOTE-- Before I cut the dumb concrete and before we waterproof the chimney walls at the 1:00 mark, my old azz says… There WILL be a crack or rod hole etc open on the exterior wall(s), HOW would I know that??? Loolll because I just did a WATER TEST and water entered the basement out the chimney chute door!!! … watch the next short video, the cracks and rod holes

Waterproofing the exterior … how did my dirty old azz know there were cracks etc…huh? C’MON, give me some stinky azz credit for a) being very g d good, its actually called EXPERIENCE and b) very g d honest… god I hate incompetent scamming azz wipes.

So HENRI, what say you? What, install a CURTAIN DRAIN?
Install an interior basement drainage system? REALLLLLLY?

One more time, in----friggin—competent chumps who THINK they know everything on this subject, shttt

Jesus people, i am out here willing to help you, help anyone who has a stupid leaky basement, cracks in walls etc for… FREE, for g dang free man.

Don’t contact Henri or other incompetent turds on this-subject like any interior system butthead, no!

Mark Anderson basement waterproofing 586 777 7973
you can send me a photo++ of your leak/situation, I will explain to you what is best for… YOU! damn man.

now that’s a generous offer right there…

… how is business Mr Mac?

It’s been pretty good Mark, but a bit slow this week…The Boss is happy she is getting some work done in Her bathroom…funny She started calling it Her bathroom after it started taking shape…

Mark knows what he is doing, folks. This is one heck of an offer!

Best to you, Mark! :slight_smile:

…“Meet the new boss, same as the old boss!”

Thanks for the kind words Mr Kage, hope all is well with you sir!

This lady is remodeling her basement and when she took all the old paneling off the walls, she found a crack in the poured wall. On her previous home in Dearborn, we did a small job for her, the front corner/exterior waterproofing due to exterior cracks in the block wall at the corner. She had a mold problem in that basement, a fresh aroma as one descends down the basement steps.
She was not happy with… a guy/company she hired who was supposed to find the source (water) of the mold problem, paid him $350 for 1 hour of nothing as you can hear her say/respond to in this short video

…'The mold doctor… he said everything was OK".
It was NOT…ok, sheesh.

The $350 she paid the mold doc could have gone towards what she really needed, what we knew she had… exterior cracks in the block basement wall at–near the dang corner that allowed water in and caused the mold, stench in basement.

It appears this homeowner hired another turd who did some interior crap… a supposed 25 year warranty, same old bs