Leaning Chimney

This one was easy to identify as it had not been patched or gaps concealed.

Other signs can be apparent even when not significantly out of level, thought I’d share.

I’d say that one of the most common signs of rotation or similar defect is a V or tapered crack where firebox meets face of fireplace, such as brick or similar. Maybe you’ve seen repaired grout in this area?

By the way, not in Bev Hills today :smiley:

Nice shots. Looks like the San Fernando Valley. Sylmar, Van Nuys?

I’m sure you’re aware of the expansive soils issues prevalent in the SFV. Were you able to determine a cause?

Yep, in the Valley :smiley:

Soils, likely via negative grade (assumed)… would appear half of house right through garage and porch have settled. Was to be a fixer, and it may be for somebody, but not the buyer today. Direct runoff from street towards house and garage for 50-60 years… Water wins!

Another one from last week… sometimes they patch the mortar so it’s not noticeable :smiley: Old properties keep you on your toes. This one is up in AV

That one may be seismic damage or built without a level, but as it’s out of plumb, it needs another look anyway.

The combination of both seismic and expansive soils would lead to eventual failure…good pictures, I’m sure the buyers caught the “drift” also—:smiley:

You guys run into this frequently?

Area and age depending, yes. Quite a few,

And let’s not forget the ole Rampart pre cast. Rotation, cracks and separation from face, all fairly common to run across and see problems with. For anyone else in SoCal… a good doc to read on pre cast is

If you’re not familiar with these and you’re reading this document, you just thought “Oh my” I’ve seen a bunch of these and they seemed fine. As they say, you don’t know what you didn’t know until you know :smiley:

Thanks Tim, I never heard of this brand.