Valley & chimney

I thought this was a leak waiting to happen. When the house was buillt the chimney should of been located away from the valley. Or how hard would it off been for the roofer to build extend the roof line to make the valley away from the chimney?

Most chimneys leak at the flashings without the help of a valley sending more water towards it.

I always try to eliminate a potential claim so I dont have to pay to have the chimney rebuilt. I submitted photo and made comments of the potential for water intrusion. (By the way the attic sheathing was mold covered)

I just thought I would post to see if anyone has any comments or has pictures of other simular scenerios.



77506 Bedford 018 (Small).jpg

Agree. Nice job on the shingles as well.


Was the chimney in use at time of the picture? Would that explain that the roofing is wet and dry around the chimney? It is a different color.

It also looks like mold is growing on the outside of the chimney as well.
Good call on noting what you said.
This scenario will leak eventually if not already.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Wrong in every respect and house should have never been allowed to enter the market as-is, from the onset.

This is a perfect example of builder and AHJ enforcement neglect. They’re off the hook.

Now the current or future homeowners will be left to foot the bill and probably no longer have a fireplace.

Potential for ongoing property damage and possibility for loss of life is too great to allow this structure to remain as-is.

I hope you were adamant on these points.

Obviously a bad place to put a chimney. But the flashings don 't look that bad. It has as exposed front pan flashing, the flashing sticks out past the corners and it has a wide pan where the valley hits it. So even though it’s a bad idea to put a chimney in the valley, the flashing looks a lot better than what I am used to seeing.