Learn how to inspect a fireplace.


Most interesting. However, I’m not sure about taking on the responsibility of a video-cam in the flue. The NFPA has offered the inspector an escape…

…this is from my report…

Significant areas of chimney flues cannot be adequately viewed during a field inspection. The inner reaches of a flue are relatively inaccessible, and it should not be expected that the distant oblique view from the top or bottom is adequate to fully document damage even with a strong light.

This inspection is limited to those areas which can be viewed without dismantling them.

Recommendation: Video-scan by a Certified Chimney Specialist before closing escrow.

It is impossible for HOME SWEET HOMEInspections***to determine with any degree of certainty whether the flue is free of defects. In accordance with recommendations made by the National Fire Prevention Association to have all chimneys inspected before buying a home, you should consider having a **Certified Chimney Specialist conduct a Level II inspection of the chimney flue prior to close of escrow. ***
A Level II inspection is very comprehensive and can better determine the condition of the flue than can a limited generalist inspection or a Level I chimney inspection.
Recommendation: Certified Chimney Specialist to conduct a level II inspection before the close of escrow.
**http://www.csia.org/pressroom/press-inspection-levels-explained.htm **

I would rather have the Chimney Sweep take the responsibility–he knows what he’s doing.

What Jae said…