Ledger Board on Masonry Block Foundation

Need clarification.
If attaching a ledger board for a deck to a block foundation, the blocks should be filled with cement to fill the hollow void and special fasteners used?
Y/N. The description in the NACHI inspecting decks training is vague, to me anyway.

Also, during an inspection it is not possible to tell either of these things unless you were there when it was constructed, so what would you write?

I’m looking at photographs of a home I inspect tomorrow and need a little advise.


You can only inspect what you can see or sense. Look for proper flashing. Look for signs of rot. Look for lags and washers. Look fo strapping on stair stringers and standoff plates on posts. Walk with heavy feet, and don’t overthink it. Trust what you know, and you’ll know if there’s a problem. It doesn’t take much to spot a non-professional deck in need of further evaluation.

Bringing another older thread to the top.

Whenever we did block foundation, the top course was filled, mandatory for the L-bolts to bolt the top plate down. Not saying everyone does this but that’s how we did foundation walls. So in that case, the ledger anchors would be fully embedded in solid material.