Lennox AC size please?

I’ve got a Lennox AC compressor that I’m trying to determine it’s size on.

**Manufacturer: Lennox **
Model#: 10ACC-060-230-02
Serial#: 5804D26511

I’m thinking it’s a 5 ton unit from the “-060-” part of the Model, but I’m not for sure. Can anyone confirm that for me?



your right

Thanks Wayne.

Sometimes you have to do the HP thing Mark

Okay, I’ll bite… What is the “HP thing”?

convert hp to btu then btu to tons

or 12.000 btu = 1 ton

So Wayne Where do I find the HP?

Mark -

Were you referring to the outside condensor? Surely you weren’t taking the control case apart to read the compressor data tag inside the unit …

outside condenser…And no I wasn’t taking anything apart. The Serial number didn’t look like my notes said it would. That’s why I wasn’t sure on the size.

This is what Mark was looking at (in red)


Amperage should get you close to the Horse power, You need to do some math.