Condensing unit size

I am trying to confirm the tonnage of an old Sears condensing unit model #4190-1-22A, serial #2303 118932. Thank you.

Are you needing the size so you will know what size new unit to install?
You have to realize that the size could have been wrong for the house and/or the house may have been added on to since then. Can you see all of the data plate?
What is the minimum circuit amp rating and the maximum breaker/fuse rating on the data plate?

How many tons is it ? Obviously bruce doesn`t know .

I wouldn’t bet on that.

He would have answered the question if he did . I just ran into one of these and nobody seems to know what size it is .

Before passing judgement, you may want to answer the questions that Bruce asked you.

That’s if Bruce still wants to help him.

we also don’t know how are where you are

Being a d*** is probably not the best way to get an answer.

With that attitude i would expect you need to call a ac guy good luck


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