Level III Class

Just got back from Level III Certification offered by Infraspection. Thanks to Jim Seffrin and staff for conducting another great training class.

Infraspection has a full spectrum of IR training classes including one specifically developed for home and building inspectors.

More info here: http://www.infraspection.com/courses_building_inspector.html

As a graduate of three certification courses offered by Infraspection, I can say that they are top notch. Jim Seffrin is not only a friend but a true mentor. His knowledge in Infrared Thernography is beyond reproach.

Just wanted fellow members to know what a great experience I have had with this organization. Being a graduate feels like being apart of an alumni and all of the staff at Infraspection are always helpful. A large part of my success in Thermography is a direct result of attending Infraspection training classes and getting advice and support from Jim Seffrin.

Thanks again!!



you’re the MAN!

Congratulations Kevin.

Congrats Kevin.

Great job, Kevin…Congratulations! :smiley:

Nice job Kevin…pretty soon you will be our next Vendor-----:lol:—:lol:—:lol:

Nope. No interest in being a vendor.

I get several emails and calls a month asking for advice in Thermography. Being a business owner, I know and appreciate quality services.

I have received quality training from Infraspection, so I’m merely trying to pass that information along to other inspectors.


Good man Kev…some folks here become Vendors after they pass a class----:lol:

Great you’re helping folks free, might be putting some of the Vendors out of business, I’d be careful, don’t give out too much free information----:lol:

Hope you’re doing great also Kevin…!!


Are you the ONLY MEMBER of NACHI who is a Level 3 TI who is NOT a VENDOR?

I think so, if I am wrong, there cannot be many others…!!

Good job…!!!

Isn’t what this board is supposed to be about?

Actually, I am not the only Level III. Brian Connelly, a NACHI Member, was in my Level III class this week. He received his Level III when I did.


Yes…free for MEMBERS!!!




Congratulations on achieving your Level III certification!

It is a pleasure to work with fellow professionals who recognize that credibility and reputation must be earned. Your hard work is to be commended and we wish you the best of luck.

We look forward to supporting your future endeavors and seeing your presentation at our IR/INFO XX Conference in January.

Good Job Kevin…Congrats!!