Three more

Inspectors are going to quit HI inspecting ;-):wink: as they are official class mates of Jim Seffrin’s Infraspections Institute Certified Infrared Level lll

Scott G , in the orange shirt Chuck E black shirt and of course me in the Red hat. All kidding aside what a privilege to sit in class with two knowledgeable inspectors such as Scott and Chuck. A special thank you to Jim Seffrin for sharing your wealth of knowledge and business experience, awesome class

Level lll 6-2011 015.jpg

Level lll 6-2011 011.jpg

Level lll 6-2011 007.jpg

Level lll 6-2011 014.jpg

Looking good there red hat. :mrgreen: And you too Scott. :slight_smile:

I agree I have leared much from Classes and a lot sitting with other Homies .
Glad for you…Thanks for sharing … Roy

Three more guys that can actually provide “Certified Thermal Imagaing Training”!

Isn’t that interesting?!

Give you any ideas Mr. Nick?

“A handfull of actually qualified thermographers spread across the country”

Congratulations everyone!!!

Competition would hurt Johnny’s monopoly, besides where can you get infrared “certified” and buy a mutt at the same time??

Wow!! Are you a real cowboy–or did you just find the buckle?

Yes sir I have been cowboy up for over 30 years I still ride better than most at 66 years young

No doubt in my mind that Charley is a cowboy, Jae. I met him. :mrgreen::wink:

Few people ride these days–unless they go to the over-trained horsey trails.

I took my kids to such a place when I first moved to Cincinnati area and some how found myself up on the most docile animal ever born. Found a spot on the trail I wanted to investigate–she (the horse) didn’t understand about getting out of line but she obeyed finally. Then she wasn’t sure what was going on when I backed her–but again I won. The trail guide was laughing and said she (the horse) had never done that in her life.

I grew up riding in Northern California–some places were only accessible by horseback at the time.

But today I’m just a city boy, but my favorite channel is the Western Channel–that’s the extent of my cowboyin’ now days.

I perfer riding in CO and Northern New Mexico up where the ATV,S are not allowed. Viewing the Rockies from between the ears of a horse it gets no better

When My daughter was about 11 I took her to some stables up in Nederland, CO. It’s about 20 miles into the mountains above Boulder. She rode a pony called “Navajo” and had a good time. The following sumer when we went back she wanted Navajo again, but that spring he’d been eaten by a mountain lion. We’re still the wild west out here.

Yep. We live with monsters… real ones. And when I see a cute baby bear… my heart stops and I slowly unclip the holster strap off my 44 mag… 'cause I know what’s next.

I have always been fortunate to have owned and ride my own those Rental horses were not for me. We presently own twenty head, more than most rental stables. My Wife and I are members of OETRA Oklahoma equestrian trail riders association members that take on the volunteer work of keeping trails clean and rideable in OK


Charley, if you and your wife want to visit up here you can stay at my house. I have a very nice guest room. It’s all yours.

Hey, Charlie…

If the room is “all yours”, maybe you could sell it for enough to get into the finest hotel in town…;-);-):roll::D:D

Thanks for the offer but when I go to CO its with my horses and I have a trailer with living quarters