Liability in New York?

Hi Everyone,

I am posting this question here because I can’t post in the general section since I am new.

I am looking into becoming a home inspector in New York state. I have the class lined up and am pretty much ready to proceed.

My question is about how liability works in New York. I have been getting conflicting answers from some people who I have talked with about liability of the home inspector, particularly for E&O. Some people say that if I form a corporation, and do the inspections as a corporation, that I am personally shielded by the corporation as far as liability, in that the liability stops at the corporation, and does not extend to me and my personal assets. Is this true?

If anyone could explain this it would be appreciated.

Thanks, Eric

Your Question would be better served in the Legal Forum.

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That is absolutely, positively UNTRUE!!! If you do an inspection, personally, you can be sued personally regardless of what sort of entity you do business under.

Thanks, Joe. Please post questions of this sort in the Legal Forum. I seldom look at this forum.