NY license applic, section B

So ive scanned the website but cant find anything close to my question. Here’s the set up:
I passed my schooling, registered an LLC with NY, and am now about to file for my license…
On page one - section A it askes for my name, and address, social, Fed id # etc… all good there.
Then in section B it says Home inspection bisiness name if filing anything other than individual… wait what.
So i filed an LLC but arent i the individual on the license?

  1. Am i putting this license in the company name, or is it my license?
  2. if i put it soley in my name am i still protected from lawsuits under the LLC ??
  3. if i put it in the company name and close the business (which does happen) then im kinda screwed…
  4. if i put in in the company name can i work for other home inspectors with that… ??

Ive had a DBA before in house painting and that was easy, but LLCs seem to be techically a different breed, so Im hoping someone with experience can explain the pros and cons, and if i even have a choice.
Thanks for your time. It is appreciated, Dan.

Ps, i had this in General topics but deleted it as i figured this was a more appropriate place for my questions…

In NY, if you are working through an LLC, then your company name is required to be on your license


  1. Your license, but your company name needs to be on there. It’s also a protection for you in certain ways

  2. I’m no attorney, but I imagine not having your company name on there would be an issue and they would use that to Pierce the corporate veil. Best to do it the right way that NY directs you to

  3. Nope. Just need to pay a small fee and get the license adjusted

  4. I don’t see why not

Thank you Ian,
you’ve clarified and confirmed my initial thoughts, but mostly took the wondering and ‘what ifs’, i had playing in my head.
Cause usually if its a 50/50 decision… ill choose the wrong one, and then pay the consequence…hahaha.!

No prob, happy to help. I’m no attorney,but can’t go too wrong when you follow the law :slight_smile:

Yea im hip! Im not trying to Not follow the law, im just not sure what it is, or if it gives me choices as theres nothing about it in the directions the page does give and the last thing i want to do is spin the wheel and throw the dart…lol

So im assuming in section B where i put my business LLC name the address it asks for would be my agents address to further protect me in the veil…

I also see you do websites and logos… im interested in that soon too.

And again, thanks for your help Ian!

Happy to help!