Licencing Home Inspectors in Ontario

Final Report of the Research Project ,Presented to Industry Canada’s ,Office of Consumer Affairs , ,June 27, 2012

I wonder if MCS was aware of this document. Backs up the facts that lawsuits are low for home inspection profession.

Better Protection for Buyers and Sellers](

Hello Roy, YES, I sent this to the MCS prior to the panel process.

All of you need to know why HI licensing is being pushed into play. One reason, and one reason only.

To legally allow for basic, minimal home inspections, brought about by basic, minimal standards of practice, which results in soft, basic minimal home inspections, so the home buyers will not be alarmed about junk homes marketed by REA’s, so the home will sell, so the REA’s will get their commissions, the office brokers will get their fees, so the mortgage lenders will get their commissions, so the title companies will get their fees, etc.

All drivers have driver’s licenses. This makes them all great and competent drivers, right?

It does, and always will, amaze me that REA’s recommend cheap, low cost inspectors, when it is the home buyer that is paying the HI fee. REA offices should set the standards high, be the ones who monitor who their REA’s suggest, for any trade. REA’s should always recommend the best. They do not, for fear of loosing a sale. Follow the money.

Thanks Claude glad to hear this info went to MCS ,Unfortunately I am led to believe this Information did not get to all the Committee members.
Hard to see how a group can make an informed decision when all information is not presented to them.

I also wonder why this information was not posted so all home Inspectors
had more knowledge about our industry.
All inspectors should be given all the facts so they can also have some idea of how this industry can be improved .
So many secrets and so little facts are given to those who could be effected
with what goes on .
Home Inspectors do not need Agents making inspection decisions .
These agents want the cheapest simplest soft inspections .

The way I see it is Licensing appears to be about empire building and nothing more.

What word am I thinking of. Oh I know!!!
If you can keep the houses selling you are in like flint.

I believe the expression is: “In like Flynn”. Refers to the 40’s movie star Errol Flynn.

Thanks Bryce! In like Flynn. I will remember that.:wink:

I fully agree.
Happy to see you back!

Now I see several fundamental flaws with the question or survey.
It is nice to see the ACQC using Ontario as a model and Quebec being the national family member but never the less I will go over the PDF and post my observations.
I guess its our turn.

  • How should real estate brokers advise their clients regarding a pre-purchase
    home inspection?

*In my opinion real estate agents should not refer home inspectors.

The executive summery looks familiar!
• 1: How are the various types of home inspectors trained and regulated?
• 2: In what context does an inspection take place?
• 3: What is the case law regarding home inspections?
• 4: What constitutes a good inspection and a good inspection report?
• 5: What are their limitations?
• 9: When an inspection proves deficient, what are the consumer’s remedies?

Now from what I see so far, when Quebec has it’s own CODE, I think 2017 is the perceived date, the executive summaries results would have more meaning.

Thanks as always Roy.
Best to you and Char as always!

Actually… that’s what the old timers believe, but to anyone born after ‘Korea’… “In like Flint” is correct… :wink:

Expression came about from Errol’s many female conquests.

He was a well known womanizer and enjoyed a drink.
I like my whisky old and my women young…was a saying that also stuck to Flynn.

Jeffery, although you are partly correct in a way the expression was then readapted to a infomercial prompt “in like Flint” to attract film seekers to James Coburn’s movie of the same name I believe.
The original say is like Bryce quoted, “In Like Flynn.”

A very handsome man.

Against All Flags with buckner Pirates to western dusters and the thunder of cattle running is the back drop to Flynn’s action movies.

I think you mean in like Flynn.

Yes but my fingers don’t;)

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Never mind. I really don’t want to know! :freaked-: