License Time in Ohio!

Having been licensed in FLA for 8 yrs and now in Michigan without a state license, i prefer the license. Good for OHIO for recognizing the benefits of requiring inspectors to become licensed professionals.

I agree with you Todd.

So I understand I need to take the NHIE exam and that it has questions that set you up to answer at a 50/50 shot. After I take this test am I able to review the questions I answer incorrectly to prepare myself for if I need to take this test again, so I can understand there logic better. Or am I worrying about this to much, some posts out there have me a little concerned

I am not sure what you mean about a 50/50 shot at the answers. The questions may have more than one correct answer. You have to pick the best one. After you take the test you only receive your score. You do not know what questions you missed. Besides, the test changes all the time. I suggest taking as many of the InterNACHI courses as your time allows. Use the InterNACHI flash cards to study also.
You may also want to buy the NHIE study guide. I think it is about $100.00. I believe you can also take a mock exam but I understand it is not free to take.
Good Luck!

Thanks Joseph, ok your wording cleared that up for me (just pick the best answer). That was my fault for over thinking it, I had myself believing that these questions were going to be out to trick me into second guessing myself. Ok I will purchase the NHIE study guide and flash cards, also I have been reading the mock exam questions they offer here.

Feel free to call me directly if you have any other questions/concerns.

I really appreciate that Joe, I will get things together as much as I can and I am sure I will check in with you for a little direction, thanks

Where did you go to apply and/or get that application? I can’t find anything anywhere…

I did not see where it was mandatory to have passed the NHIE, to me it looks as if it was just one of the eight requirements. I have been preparing myself for the exam by taking nachi classes and going over the flash cards and the NHIE study guide is on its way.

It’s not Greg, you only need 3 of the eight requirements. I needed it since I have not been in business for 3 years and have not had 200 paid inspections before April 5th, 2019.
That being said, It certainly will not hurt to pass the test and put that LOGO on your web site.

Thanks Joe, I was actually looking for your email address to ask you that so I’m glad you caught my question on this forum. I totally agree about taking the exam, it can’t hurt at all.

Greg, FYI, my email is I would be interested on how your licensing is proceeding. I mailed in my app on 7/8/19 and had my fingerprints taken for BCI/FBI check the same day.

To be honest with you I have been worrying about it more than I have been moving along with it, I have had my home inspection business registered for longer than three years, I have over 80 hours of class hours, and I have the five mock inspections logged in with InterNachi, I would love to pass the NHIE exam also. I also do not have 200 home inspections completed, I may be do 10-15 a year, I just get swamped with home maintenance and repair jobs. My goal was to have it the other way around and be swamped with inspections but it has not really taken off yet.

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