Licensing Update 3/21/2019

(William Forrest, CMI) #1

Just received this from the State regarding the Law and grandfathering.

(Joshua L. Frederick) #2

Thanks. Do you know what a peer review session is or does INachi do it?

(William Forrest, CMI) #3

Here’s a link to Peer Reviews (ASHI):
Peer Reviews | The Great Lakes Chapter of ASHI - The American Society of Home Inspectors

I looked and asked NACHI about peer reviews, but nothing seems to be in place.
I don’t think NACHI or any of us could put anything in place prior to the enactment of the Law.

(William Forrest, CMI) #4

Under Item #4, it states "*Successfully passed **a *national home inspector examination within two (2) years from the date an application is submitted to the Division;"

Key word is “a”.

            If you haven't, keep up-to-date with the InterNACHI Online Inspector Examination
(Paul Dixon) #5

What is the state going to charge for a license?

(Joseph DePiero) #6

Regarding #4, my assumption was they mean passing the IHIE, but that is only my interpretation.

(William Forrest, CMI) #7


I know what you mean.
I’m just reading what the State put out there.
Who am I to question them?


(Joseph DePiero) #8

my complements on your web site. I really liked the video!

(Michael PARKS) #9

$235.00 + fingerprints

Joe yes you have to pass the test! Lol.

A lot of work needed on the SOP.

(Joseph DePiero) #10

I actually just took the NHIE at PSI this morning and passed! so that is out of the way!
Just have to save up the $235.00 lol

(Christopher Dorsch) #11

Good-morning all!! I’m new to this forum and looking for some information. Im moving from Long Island to Ohio and wondering if my NYS exam will play into this? 80 hours of classroom? And where would i sign up to apply for the license? Excited to be apart of this and learn so much more

(Kevin M. Leonard, CMI) #12

Congratulations on passing the exam Joseph, I just read it has a 56% failure rate.

(Kevin M. Leonard, CMI) #13

Hi Christopher, If it wasn’t the NHIE I don’t think you can use it as a prerequisite to obtaining a license, but you should check with the state to make sure, on the other hand if you were a licensed inspector in NY, that is something you can use.

Here’s some information for you:

(Joseph DePiero) #14

Thanks Kevin. I did not think that it was that difficult. You have 4 hours to complete it and after I completed it in 1 hour, I panicked and thought I must has missed something!

(Christopher Dorsch) #15

Great thank you Kevin!! I have called them this morning. very much appreciation just waiting to hear back from them.

I did pass the NHIE and completed over 80 hours of classroom

(Greg Gilbert) #16

So who do we show or where do we go with our proof of credentials or our resume as a home inspector

(Michael PARKS) #17

No one yet!