Licensed Inspectors Needed Immediately

We are hiring :slight_smile: Licensed Nachi Inspectors to perform inspections throughout Central Florida. Expericence preferred, but willing to train the right candidates. These are full time positions with benefits.

Please reply or send your resume to

Looking out for you,

Bruce Carden
20/20 Property Inspections LLC

Congrats Ron…

What are you paying? Do you have a website?

Really do you have a website?..You want him to him you as an inspector and you can’t find the website link on his 6 line post…good luck with that.

I do not care what he does.
I am not seeking employment. I thought my questions may give others a reason to contact him. I am attempting to help him get what he wants to find.

It seems my advice is at least a useful post.

Now Russ, be nice… He does have three different first names, and two different last names listed.

Will I have to show up, or can I phone it in?

Me personally, if someone asked what my website is, based on the quoted information above and to ask for an email to get ahold of me…well, I most likely would not consider that person a viable candidiate. But that is just me and after having a few conversations with Ron…I am sure he is along the same line. He runs a tight ship and a very successful company.

Well me I am pretty good at getting peoples attention and I figure the more information you provide the better chance you may get someones attention.

After seeing thousands of posts it seems to me that those who post the most detailed lists of what they want are serious. Those who are vague do not usually seem to be worth any time.

Just review any of the many such posts on our forum where people are trying to attract our members. Those with little to no info are usually cons.

But hey I was just trying to help as usual what do I know.

There is a new sheriff in this town, and you boys need to check your flashlight at the St. Johns River. We don’t want no trouble from no free rangers. We’re small ranchers here. We got families and churches. Our beef is fat and tasty and we don’t need no longhorns messin with our stock. Keep your herd on the west side of the river and there won’t be no trouble. Cross it, and there’ll be hell to pay.

Am I right in thinking that’s an open invitation to your Saturday afternoon BBQ?

Too Funny…

I post similar advertisements when hiring.
Little info with links…
The intent is to weed out those that do not have computer skills…

I am still amazed when I get a “Resume” via email that consists of:

"My name is Bob
Call Me…
xxx-xxx-xxxx "


Aubrey, you’re a family raising, god fearing, rancher and you are always welcome across the river. I have alerted our sentries to grant you safe passage. If you run into one of those low belly free rangers, shoot first. We’re payin’ $10 a hide for em’ over here and you can keep their boots.