Need more work? Lending network looking to hire NACHI inspectors.

Fidelity National Field Services, Inc.

Dear NACHI Inspectors:

Do you have experience in the real estate inspection industry? Are you looking for ways to increase your existing income? Maximize your income earning potential by using your existing inspector skill set with Fidelity National Field Services!

Fidelity National Field Services, Inc., manages a nationwide network of home inspectors which provide valuable information to our clients in the mortgage servicing industry. We specialize in providing high-quality and detailed information on the occupancy status and general condition of residential properties.

Fidelity is seeking individuals interested in joining our network of independent contractors to provide these inspection services including property inspections with photos, rush inspections, loss draft inspections and occupancy inspections. No certification is required however all our inspectors must carry current General Liability and E&O insurance. Compensation varies by area and is agreed upon at the time you contact us.

*If you are interested in joining the Fidelity team, please visit our website at]( for more information or contact our Vendor Network department at or call 800-767-8674 ext. 5020. If possible please email your resume and coverage areas to the above email address and we will contact you with work available in your area. *
We look forward to hearing from you!


Jenny Boss
*Inspections Vendor Network Supervisor *

Thanks Nick:

Just sent my resume. Look forward to it.


Master Mechanical

Don’t waste your time guys, I contacted them & they wanted me to drive 70 mile round trip for $8.50 & for only one inspection at a time. That’s not a misprint, eight dollars & fifty cents. WoW what a deal ???¿ At least in my area anyway. I’ve roamed the net in search of some kind of filler work in my area & have had no luck, other than these outfits. If you hear of any reasonable ones in the West. let me know. I even took the plunge when one contacted me off my website, they paid a whopping $12.00 each & I did as many as a dozen insps a week for several weeks, final talley-me $400 in wages-Local gas station-$500+ dollars. Hmmmm!

Wow. Another one that is just insane. Alot of these companies get paid $150+ to do some of these and there is another one that wanted me to do them for $6.00 a piece. Insane!:shock:

I think you need to assess what it is they are looking for. These do not sound like traditional home inspections and should take little time. Some companies like this provide you with several inspections to bunch together to offest travel costs. Some also provide milage considerations. I think you may find the fees negotaible to a certain extent.

In the end, it is filler work that may keep you busy enough through lean times if it can be organized correctly.

If not, pass.

Nick, get us a better wage

These are always about 45-75 miles away from me and even when grouped in time, they are still spaced out too far to consider. Unfortunately.

It’s to windy in Wy. to even ride a bicycle to them unless your traveling N.W.

TJ thanks for the heads-up.

…at least Trinity provides the insurance instead of requiring you to… of course, I’ve not been paid yet :smiley: .

According to the NACHI posts (of which I am extremely grateful), Trinity does pay and is a good client. Got another one tomorrow!

Thanks for all of the advice.

I have done some for Trinity also & been very pleased with them. I wish there were more of them in my area. I used to do a lot (8 years) for DataComp out of Grand Rapids, MI, until one of those outfits underbid them on their insurance inspections & the wheels fell off of that little “cash cow”

Trinity is great! I don’t get very many jobs from them, however, they pay me $75 instead of the typical $50 other companies pay. I do like working with DDN and Granite as well however.

Yes some of these guys want the world for 8 bucks. I use to do some mortgage inspections for a company like this. I don’t now.

Yeah, I forgot DDN, I’ve done log home draws for them, wish there were more in my area. Wy. is so sparsely populated with less than 1/2 million people in the 97k sq mile state even home inspections are hard to come by consistently.

I have completed a few for “Lease Inspections”. They are easy easy and pay 45.00 per inspection. How does an Inspector such as myself, get into the network of Trinity Inspectors?


Hi Michael,

Both Trinity and DDN called me up to ask me to work for them after seeing me post on the boards. I had to call Granite I think and sign up with them.

Thanks Wendy -
The same with Lease Inspections, they called when they had a need in NOLA. If we inspect - they will come.

I wish Granite would update their web interface to something a little closer to what DDN uses…

Uploading a Zip file and then sending is a ton easier and the
“on line vacation tracker” makes it a breeze to let them know when you’re not available…

Both are great to work with and super pleasant when you call them…:smiley:

whats the contact address/number for Trinity? I’m druming up work, have done some for Lease Inspections, contacted Fidelity (they don’t need any inspectors for my area) and in the process of contacting anyother places people reccemend

Try this Eric.