Licensing for mold in New York

Can anyone point me in the right direction for information on exactly who can perform mold, radon and indoor air quality inspections in New York State?
I called the other day, and nobody I spoke with could give me an answer.

not regulated in ny

Depends on what your definition of “can” is.

If you are asking who can perform them legally… see Joe’s reply.
If you are asking who can perform them properly… see

John, In reference to Radon Testing in NY it depends on how you do the test. If you use a CRM then either you must be certified as a “Certified Laboratory” or use a Certified Lab. Only a Certified Lab can release the results to the public and they (NYS) gets extremely upset if you don’t abide by their stupid regulations. By the way, to become a NYS Ceritifed Lab is very expensive and they take a percentage of each and every test. I know because I have already been through the process and I deal with a certified lab in Buffalo, and they are not inexpensive either.

As far as I know the State doesn’t regulate Mold testing but other indoor air testing they do regulate. I hope this helps.