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Is testing permitted in NYS, or is a NYS Approval from the state required- See the education link for more information- It is still being checked on, and when you call there has been several answers

more to follow for NYS Home Inspectors- this may not effect other states-

I e-mailed ESA to see what they think regarding NYS. I will post it here.

Only For NYS Home Inspectors:

I spoke to the state at length and they confirmed that testing includes collecting samples of canisters and sending it to a lab. They also asked who would be paid for this service, which in most cases is the Home Inspector. To that end they confirmed it is within their mandates and one would have to file with their ofices or be in violation of state law.

Again, if anyone wants the copy of the letter and the contact information, e-mail me and I will fax the letter to you in it’s entirety.

Much uck and success to NACHI members. My desire is that Licensed Home Inspectors do not jeopardize their license based upon not knowing what’s going on in NY State. To that end, I hope I have helped!

Bill (my fax is 631-563-7719)