Licensing in Ontario as seen on CTV Kitchener

This is me on CTV in Kitchener Ontario, what are your thoughts on this.

Great job Charles. Very professional and good information to the public.

Very well done Charles! You have represented us well. I like how you explained to people where to look and what not to look for. I think you should also make it well known what happens when licensing is put in place but I think everyone of the stake holders involved is pointing the Government to look into the pitfalls of improper regulating without the proper input from Professional Inspectors whether they are from InterNachi or any other association.
We are shooting for higher education as a must but licensing as Nick pointed out is not going to help Inspectors and will just mean everyone will have one.
The Marketing is what will keep the HI from starving and part of that is showing what you have been trained to do.

For sure marketing will be the key whenever licensing comes in effect as majority of us will go for the required education and requirements to run our businesses except for may be part time home inspectors.

Well done Chuck!

Nice Job.

Nicely done Chuck.