I just out of a meeting with the Ministry of Consumer Services Ontario....

… where I was all but assured (but not officially guaranteed) that InterNACHI’s online inspection courses are going to be used for licensing.

They had nothing but glowing praise for our courses which they have looked at.

To make me feel even more comfortable about their assurance they alerted me to something I did not know: That being that the real estate industry in Ontario was recently granted approval to go with 100% online courses for all their educational needs.

I urge every member to publicly support the Ministry of Consumer Services in their work.

See you in Toronto on March 1-2.

Also, they prefer the term “transitioning” to “grandparenting” (which has a negative connotation in the mind of the public). So from here on out, lets use the term “transitioning.”

Love it Nick! I am glad we fought hard and I am all for calling it a Transitioning for any Veteran’s.

Also, I can now assure members that certain factions of our industry and their conspiracy theories (some of which have been proffered on this message board) can be dismissed as being without foundation.

This is all going to turn out really well. Have faith.

Now that we’ve all had an opportunity to comment, lets get behind the Ministry and support them. I have more experience with licensing than most (seen the good, the bad, and the ugly over the past 20 years) and the Ministry is doing an excellent job IMHO.

I sure hope you are correct but paying taxes and voting in this province for 59 years and seen how they tell us what they think we want to hear has shown they frequently do not do as promised.
I ask all home Inspectors to please send a letter to you MPP and let them know we all want what is best for our industry and the public .
We do not need the real-estate Companies controlling the home Inspection industry.
I wish we had more communication between all the home Inspection associations .
NACHI has an open to all section that can be used.

First and best step they made was calling on a CMI for an honest oppinion on what was happening right before there eyes in the Home Inspection Industry of Ontario.
I also agree that they are taking the right approach.:mrgreen:

I have seen the good the bad and the ugly and have been a part of it for over 40 years. The good being only if all the trades are licensed you can not just single one group out. The bad being a terrible SOP (example) “not requiring a inspector to walk the roof unless the inspector deems it unsafe and the inspector must define unsafe as being to steep, Rain slick or ice and or snow” (My guess on ugly would be no ugly inspectors all inspectors must wear red hats):wink:

I see where this is going must join Internachi to get free training and must be a CMI to be Grandfathered thus I see your concern. I luv watching you dance;-)

Gramp’s it is not called grandfathering anymore for Ontario.:wink:

Just so I am following you … just like a “good vendor” is a vendor who, no matter how crooked and corrupt he is, provides a product at a discount to a NACHI member — now, a “good licensing law”, no matter how ill conceived and unnecessary, is a law that accepts your credits and grandfathers your members?

Really, Nick?

Ya can put lipstick on a pig but ya still have a pig:roll:

Charley I can assure you that MCS has the best intent for Ontario. Now will the Government have the best intent for Home Buyers is the question.
If they do we just might have a shift in the way Home Inspectors are looked at by the average Client and the Real Estate Agents will loose the grip they have had on us for years.

Yes, of course. Licensing generally provides InterNACHI members with a competitive advantage because their non-member competitors have to stop doing inspections, drive, perhaps rent a hotel room, and pay tuition. InterNACHI members don’t.

That’s why we’ve worked so hard to acquire those 1,200+ governmental approvals for our free inspection courses. Actually, InterNACHI can be described as a machine that provides competitive advantages to members over non-members. It’s one way of describing InterNACHI.

Nick thats good news.

However there may be a spring election and that may throw a wrench into the good intentions.

As to whether or not the licencing is good or bad remains to be seen in the details, should it be instituted.

I have no comment on whether it is good or bad overall, only that it is good for InterNACHI members and CMIs relative to non-members and non-CMIs. Jim Bushart correctly noted this.

From David Brezer,Director, Consumer Policy and Liaison Branch,Ministry of Consumer Services:

Consultation Update
On December 11, 2013, the 16-member volunteer panel of home inspectors, consumers, representatives from real estate, law, education and insurance industries, submitted their final report titled, A Closer Look: Qualifying Ontario’s Home Inspectors, to the Minister of Consumer Services.

The report makes 35 recommendations to strengthen the home inspector profession and increase protection for consumers who purchase home inspection services.

The ministry posted the panel’s report on the Regulatory Registry for public review and comment for 45 days. Approximately 140 public responses were received.

No decision has been made at this time regarding licensing or qualifications. The ministry is currently reviewing the panel’s recommendations and the public’s feedback on the panel’s report. ***The ministry anticipates more information on next steps later this Spring. ***

Sounds like someone is being played.

96 percent of the respondents favor licensing of some sort. Licensing is happening in Ontario.

What did you do Nick, slip a hundred under the table to David.:wink:

Anyone who takes on line courses will then be a licensed inspector. It will make no difference if you have been an inspector for 2 months, or 20 years. What will be the rules and regulations on home builders and all contractors who build them?

Any HI licensing only serves the wishes of the REA’s, government, and the pockets of lawmakers. Experienced HI’s will have to create soft, basic reports, according to your guidelines: nothing else.

Worth repeating…

No decision has been made at this time regarding licensing or qualifications. The ministry is currently reviewing the panel’s recommendations and the public’s feedback on the panel’s report. ***The ministry anticipates more information on next steps later this Spring. ***

Sounds like someone is being played.