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On Monday, Trinity-Spadina MPP Han Dong ‎introduced a Private Member’s Bill that, if passed, would establish a home inspector licensing system in Ontario. Bill 165, the Licensed Home Inspectors Act, 2016, is based off of recommendations that came from the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services’ Home Inspector Qualifications Panel. OREA has been an active participant on the Ministry’s panel and we were supportive of the recommendations that came out of the consultations.
It is important to note that Private Member’s Bills are not a government bill and rarely become law. OREA has learned that the province still plans on bringing forward government sponsored legislation on the same issue.
In short, MPP Dong’s bill would allow the Ontario government to establish a delegated administrative authority that would be responsible for establishing education requirements and the licensing of home inspectors in Ontario.
The bill will have 2nd Reading debate on March 3rd, 2016. If the bill passes 2nd Reading, it would then need to go to Committee and pass 3rd Reading before becoming law.
OREA’s government relations team will continue to monitor Bill 165 as it moves through the legislative process.

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It turned into a liberal motion so I expect it will pass for sure](

With Bill 165, Ontario’s ruling Liberals propose to make it illegal to perform a home inspection without a license. The law would define a home inspection as “subject to the regulations, the provision of an opinion, in the form of a written report, on the condition of a residential dwelling based on the results of non-destructive testing.”
**The bill was tabled Monday for first reading by Han Dong, Liberal MPP for the Toronto riding of Trinity-Spadina. Dong is parliamentary assistant to Training, Colleges and Universities Minister Reza Moridi. **

Canadian Underwriter
A bill proposing to mandate the licensing of home inspectors in Ontario, and to stipulate inspectors’ liability insurance coverage, was tabled Monday at …

I have posted the whole bill below the above web site

It is this statement that seems to point to the government not being ok with the members bill.

OREA has learned that the province still plans on bringing forward government sponsored legislation on the same issue.

:twisted: Personally if it comes to pass and after licensing and the governing body is in place I believe all licensed home inspectors should join and push for a cut of the real estate sales pie. If we shoulder the larger liability burden and protect the consumer then we should be entitled to adjust fees accordingly, say around 1% of the sale price.
Re’s with little liability now it is on the heads of inspectors could drop a half point off their percent so the consumer doesn’t get dinged.

One such push was “mandatory” inspections on all sale of homes. This idea which was an earlier CMHC study was rejected in the past.

Currently their seems to be two different paths on licensing in Ontario. One under Honourable David Orazietti, Minister of Government and Consumer Services, the other more recent under MPP Dong.

Just another Liberal disaster in the making.:twisted:


Love or hate the liberals it Ontario is still better off then all the other Canadian provinces.

Great idea I like this Thanks … Roy

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You mean with its debt of 308.3 billions…

Yep, and we in Ontario are reaping the benefits of our depts.
With close to zero cost to borrow money now is a good time to do improvements and keep our number one Canadian status

Our Ontario taxes are going to help other provinces that need help .
Ontario a great place to live .

Looks like you like Ontario you keep coming here to work I guess Quebec province is not good enough for you.

The bill read this past week was NOT a private members bill.

The interest on the debt in Ontario is over 10 billion dollars annually…not close to zero cost as you see it.

Interesting how you seem to attack Ontario but I do not remember ever seeing you say any thing about Quebec .
The Quebec leader’s have for years been on the front page of the news papers .
It looks to me like you an outsider is extremely jealous of Ontario still the best province in Canada . Please tell us where Quebec ranks .


You truly see things in this province through rose colored glasses.
The money this government spends to service the outrageous debt is the third largest expense behind health and education.

Think of all the good things government could do with the additional 100 Billion they have wasted in the past 10 years.

The comment you make about this province helping other provinces is history. The current and past liberal governments have turned this province, once the economic engine of this country, into a have not (national welfare) province.

BTW Roy this is not opinion… it is proven fact!


Thanks Doug can you please tell us how Ontario Ranks to all Canadian provinces .
Still looks to me like we are the best .
Being the largest I would expect they spend the most.

That would buy an awful lots of solar panels…or was that borrowed money wasted on solar panels…

Now we know why Roy C like Ontario!

Ontario Government still loves solar and wind and is continuing with the program .
And Marcel is still extremely jealous with how well Ontario is doing .
Strange how he does not tell us about the big problems that continue to effect Quebec .

** Bill 165, Licensed Home Inspectors Act, 2016
A private Member’s bill is the text of a legislative initiative that is submitted to Parliament by a Member who is not a Minister

Dong, Han
Current Status: First Reading Carried

Put forward by Dong Han
Please note Dong Han is not the minister responsible for consumer affairs.

Note the following finance bill is put forward by the minister responsible for the ministry

** Bill 144, Budget Measures Act, 2015 **

Sousa, Hon Charles   Minister of Finance

As is this bill put forward by the minister responsible for the portfolio
**Bill 122, Mental Health Statute Law Amendment Act, 2015 **

Hoskins, Hon Eric   Minister of Health and Long-Term Care

Government Bills –
Government Bills
are introduced by Cabinet Ministers.

Surely, you mean Billions (Milliards)?

There should be a law that prevents government from spending more than its revenue. Just watch Justin T!