Licensing Question - Verifiable Education

I’ve got a question about the licensure by Grandfathering portion of the application. Specifically, how did you guys submit “proof of completing at least 14-hours of verifiable education”. Thanks in advance.

print the certificates and submit with the application. if you are using the NACHI education you can download the certs and they display the hours of credit on the document

Does the 14 hours only mean 14 hours of nachi education, seems like so little? That’s practically one or two courses. For some reason I thought I’d have to show the 120 hours. Just want to make sure I’m submitting the right amount. Thanks.

Yes it is true, the requirements are next to nothing. it is 60 hours for the mold license.
of course I would recommend that you complete all of the Nachi education, there is a schedule requirement for nachi membership actually.
I submitted 60 hours or so for my license just to be on the safe side.
The 120 hours is for the regular application not the Grandfathering clause.
The assumption is it is for practicing home inspectors who already have the knowledge requirements. It would be assumed that you have a minimum of 120 hours of education including your experience in order to be a practicing Inspector.

That is an extremely low acceptable number of hours to meet educational requirements for a state license as a home inspector, or even being a member of a home inspection organization!

There might as well not be any requirements at all.

I agreeeeeeeee Christopher, thought I thing the idea behind the Grandfather Clause was not intended for people who are new to the industry, but assumed that you have been in the business and have the education required.
same thing with the drivers license here years ago, I had a chauffeurs license before it became a CDL, I was grandfathered in when they made the change. though I really did not have the knowledge and experience to drive a rig filled with flammable materials. Now if I tried to get that license it would cost a fortune and I probably would not qualify anyway.
It will all work itself out in the long run.

Thank you guys. I’ll submit 60 or better to be on the safe side.

Unfortunately there are always some who will take advantage of a situation. Hopefully for you and other experienced inspectors in Florida this will be minimal.

4 steps and you’re grandfathered. This could be accomplished in ONE day.

**Q: **How can I get grandfathered for a Florida home inspector license?
**A: **There are two ways:

Here is one if you have never performed a home inspection in your life.

If you have not completed 120 fee-paid inspections, you’ll need to do four things to get a Florida home inspector license:

  1. If you are not a member of** InterNACHI**, you will have to join. Membership in Florida InterNACHI is free but only open to members of InterNACHI. You can join InterNACHI here.
  2. You will need to take 14 hours of inspection-related education. You can take these online for free at Make sure you print off your Certificates of Completion at the end of the courses. If you have already taken courses, you can print off your Certificates of Completion here.
  3. You **will need to take Florida InterNACHI’s proctored Home Inspector Exam. **Through the end of 2010, Florida InterNACHI will be offering these exams in four cities throughout Florida (see schedule below). The proctored exam costs $100.
  4. You will need to apply for a license with the Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulation (DBPR). You can download an application here.

As new poeple have called for advice I have been very careful in guiding them in the path to take.
You cannot emagin how many calls I have recived from guys that openly admit they have never perform an inspection in their life but want to try and get grandfathered in.

I just don’t let them test. And Lisa and Nick are rigerousely inforceing the interNACHI membership requirements. So if they don’t have a InterNACHI cerificate - they don’t get one from me.