Licensing, Southwestern Ontario

I’m in Southwestern Ontario, Canada and am wondering if I need any licensing or anything other than the CPI certification to get my business going. I realize this can usually change from city to city, but just curious what some other people have. Also any advice for getting my business going is greatly appreciated. Especially from those in Ontario.

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Also am aware there is a feature to check this on Internachi but it only showed CPI cert. Just trying to make sure I have checked all my boxes.

Here from the USA, I see there have been bills introduced. You can call ask these folks, they were listed as part of the Bill legislation process.

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I have looked into this, but only quickly. I will dig deeper, thanks for replying.

Welcome Jonathan:
I am a retired CMI and NHI who operated in the GTA for just over 10 yrs. I completed more that 3,000 inspections during that time. Just FYI.
The former Liberal government passed Home inspector licensing legislation several years ago. The legislation has not received Royal Accent and therefore has not come into force. Therefore there is no requirement for Home Inspectors to be licensed or have the outrageously expensive E&O insurance…yet. As for start up advise… be sure to have a full time job or at least 6 months of capital behind you. The current insane market in Ontario makes your start a very difficult, uphill battle.
Hope this helps


Thank you for your info and honest advice!