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This is my first post and was wondering if there is someone out there that may be able to help me out. 
 I took an online/corspondence home inspection course from pcdi canada. I believe their american counterpart is ashworth community college. I am on the verge of finishing up with it however I am a bit confused on a couple of things. 
  1. I joined oahi as a member however I find that their association lacks organization and it seems that there is essentially only one individual responding to emails and phone calls. That put aside all of their courses are quite expensive. Would it be prudent to join internachi after passing their exam? I am a bit concerned in the area that will it be valid in ontario,canada? I have heard that the govt is in the process of regulating the home inspection industry, and I dont want to be hung out dry once this enforcement takes place.
  2. Although pcdi gave a wealth of knowledge I still lack the practical portion of the education. I dont feel comfertable in starting my own business and adveetising it without practical knowledge. I did some research and found that carson dunlop offers a three day practical course however it costs $880!!! Is there any other options out there for me?

Nachi has a ton of knowledge on its site so stay with them. Cant express how grateful I am to have them in my pocket 24-7 , literally.
As for your education , you need to really look into licensing and insurance works before you start the business - liability increases with insufficient training. All states or providences should have mandated licensing requirements IMO.
You should seriously look for an inspection company to join as a trainee and get field experience with a trained inspector. Then eventually branch out on your own after YOU are confident in yourself. Make this career enjoyable not worrisome

Pcdi is Ok to start but you will want to match what is required for minimum licensing for Alberta. Start with all the major courses required and work to add advanced courses later.
Yes without a doubt join InterNachi and don’t feel intimidated by some bullies on the MB. They have no life!!!

There’s a whole lot more to starting up an HI business that learning about homes…

What do you know about owning and operating a business, any business?
What do you know about Marketing?
What do you know about Sales?
What do you know about Customer Service?
What do you know about Bookkeeping?
What do you know about Time Management?
…and on,
…and on,
…and on!

Just a few comments;

Get away…far…far away from OAHI. they are a bunch of crooks that want your money they offer NOTHING in the way of benefits. Forget about Carson Dunlop as well!

Join here… add your location to your profile so we have some idea where you are located.

The move toward licencing home inspectors in Ontario is currently on hold pending the outcome of the current election (gawd forbid a Liberal win). I’m not sure, but I would bet it won’t happen anytime soon if the PCs win.

The advice, previously posted, to get hired by an established company is your best route (IMHO).

You will find E&O and GL insurance to be incredibly expensive and it’s not currently required in Ontario.

Take internachi exam and then do all the required courses. They are FREE to members.

Make sure you have an alternative source of income for at least two years, you will need it.

Just things to think about


Good points JJ. I am glad that at least both Carson Dunlop and InterNachi have courses in the area of Customer Service. Get cracking and don’t stop until you are done.
Do not perform any Inspection without Insurance and a written contract signed from the Client.

Do not perform any Inspection without Insurance

Just a little confused considering the former dialogue?

It is not worth the risk for someone new. I am sure Nick would agree. Fact is InterNachi would probably agree not to do an Inspection before taking all Basic home inspection info required to be licensed. I still feel that a HI should have Insurance based on how many inspections they do each year. The fact that Hub has set up such a high minimum to me is just a cash grab.

We agree to disagree! I’m out of here to do a Sunday Inspection. (without insurance)

You are fine to do an Inspection without Insurance. Not so with newbies.

They should not be performing an inspection, they should still be in the mentoring phase. Tell me Kevin did you have E&O when you performed your 1st inspection?

Now having said that, I assume you have a background in construction? Someone who has been installing bumpers on Fords and is now a home inspector is asking for trouble.

That is where all this crap started from. We loose industry and the government pays someone to be retrained. Yesterday I was a social worker and after 9 weeks in a community college I now I have a background in construction?

Too many people looking for an easy fast buck and you will not find it in the Home Inspection business.

I have a report to write. 1200 square foot bungalow, original owner and pristine.

To the first question YES!
To the second question YES!
To the third question CORRECT!

Thanks. But I do live in ontario however .

Thabks everyone for the guidance. Really helped out.

Manoj I will help you with any question you might ask, just e-mail me.