Hey Nick,

Just wanted to thank you for all you do! I am #79 licensed home inspector.

Ted Emmes
M’s Home Inspections

Nice! :smiley:

Yes thank you NICK
From # 46 :smiley:

Vernon L Wright CMI
NEF-PRO Home Inspections

Yes Nick…thanks for the program to prep for the state exam. I have passed it but have not yet applied for license. Anyone have a good source for the liability insurance?

You can get 300K coverage for around $270.00/year per person. Contact
Andy Miller @ Lee Reeds Insurance contact info is as follows:
Andy Miller, AAI, AIS
Lee Reed Insurance

(813)788-1996 (fax)
(813)842-1141 (cell)

I’m 43.

as of last Saterday night - we had 36 licnesed INterNACHI inspectors and another 11 with applications in process.

I am #111. Thanks Zoe and Nick.

Gentlemen, Congrats.
If I may ask what did the Florida Legislature come up with an annual fee for your License?

Gee. I have a license to drive. I got a marriage license. I got a license to fish. My friend has a license to hunt. Some even have a license to do home inspections.

Does not change anything. You just have to pay money to do it legally, because the state politicians want more money form you, the citizens of your state. It is no big deal. All it will do is dumb down the profession. Licensing will solve nothing; only level the playing field, and lower your income. Cheap inspectors will be the result. Be prepared to go out of business. Just one reason North Carolina lost 400 inspectors, according to a teacher there. I am just being real here. My business has decreased over 75% in two years. Contractors and appraisers are taking the business. Be prepared. It will happen.

Thank the top man for Nick, as he is trying to right the wrong in your state. It is too late in many others.

I just hate it when some agency tells me how to run my business. They do not know anything about it. I have been successful for years, and now someone goes and tells me what to do. Frustrating. It is all a loss of my freedoms.

I do understand, I was one of the Inspectors along with others to go to the Capital in Jefferson City to find out about our proposed licensing. I was just gathering information for the next round early 2011. Kansas Fees were less than what they were trying to push here. I heard anywere from $400. to $800.
If the majority of states are at $300 to $500 then we may be able to argue the point.
At the time of our contacts with a few key people, one ranking member said that they may follow Kansas lead on fee’s and wording. Not waiting to get Blinded, I want to be ready with all the information I can.

I hear that raising of fees may be a topic of discussion soon at some “Kansas board meetings”, if that is what they are called. Since they estimated over 400 inspectors would register, only 165 did. Way under projections. So, the only way to raise revenue is to raise prices. Just like the government, short money, raise taxes. All, for what?

All licensing is, is a legal way to extort money from the industry they are targeting. Any industry can police itself, with out rules or regulations, by not hiring the ones who do poor work. Don’t like your insurance agent, hire another one. Don’t like your mechanic, find another.

Now with licensing, all persons, good and bad, are on a level field. Hurts us veterans.

Furthermore… you’ve turned over your profession to a low-paid government clerk who doesn’t know or care what you do. Friggin’ wonderful don’t ya think!

I do understand about “Hurts veteran inspectors”. I have a mentor and has been more important to me than I could ever describe. I believe that there should be a period of time were field training must be completed as I have experienced with my mentor. This should be a requirement so that the clients gain a proper inspection and the veteran’s have a little more control. But, making rules by others not in our field and adding high license fees to an already demanding overhead is the second part of the equation. I’m part-time because of the economy, but still have the insurance fees, equipment upkeep and purchases, marketing that most other inspectors have. So I’m going to fight as best I can to scratch out as much for us as possible, and do more than hope for the best.

Steven -

Try and understand the basics. Getting licensed is like getting sued.

You lose either way. Fight it off as long as possible.

Gary Said:

Arizona lost over a thousand…I can’t see daylight I’m so busy—:stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks Nick for all you do for us. My Licence # is HI 103

Dale -

Thats great for you. Here if we lose one, we get 2 more AND they just keep getting cheaper. AND no we’re not busy like you.

NEVER had it this slow.

We know nationwide that home inspectors are shutting down their businesses. All associations who promoted these laws will lose members. That’s what the agents wanted, and got. Now, soft reports are the norm, and allowed by most states. You guys in Florida will find out. It will only cause cheap prices, by newbies. Us veterans are out, and that is what all the agents wanted. My July was the worse in 10 years of business.

Nick should be concerned for his members when they will not be able to afford memberships this fall and next year.

I agree. INachi should adjust with the times and drop yearly membership dues about $100. I’d probably join again. :smiley:

Perhaps we should adjust with the number and quality of membership benefits added? :wink:

The value proposition InterNACHI offers is so ridiculous that any businessman too dumb to recognize it, probably shouldn’t be in the business of recognizing defects.