FL NACHI at 1,450 members now larger than all other FL trade associations combined.


Nick 1450 in Fla alone ???:shock: :shock: :shock:
Does that mean that you are marketing 1450 inspectors to Fla residents as “Certified Inspectors” that you don’t have a clue if the majority of them met or continue to meet your membership requirements, or if it was the inspector that you “certified” for 289.00 passed your on line quiz .:roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

Let’s see, Florida has approx. 58,000 land miles give or take. Now, at 1450 H.I.'s thats about 40 miles per inspector.

How soon can they hit 2,000 H.I.'s in Fla. Now in keeping with the same mileage area, that would dwindle things down to about 29 miles per H.I.

And if you happen to live on a 30 mile wide lake, uh-oh…


You can’t spit around here without hitting a friggin’ home inspector, if you think it is bad now, wait till licensing comes and we will see a doubling of home inspectors here. Too bad for the associations though, once we have licensing there will be no need for home inspector associations, well at least not national ones, everything will go local.

Joe… look at it on a positive side…
In AZ on Jan 01-03 dead line less than 400 inspectors met the states requirements… 3 years latter over 1300 were certified… fast forward to current date, apx 40% of the 1300 are gone.
Not to mention, contrary to busharts beliefs, the average inspection fee
increased 100-150.00 in that same time.

It’s not my “belief”, Dan. It comes from your local ABC affilliate in Phoenix, which attributes your “lower (fees) than the national average” to your extensive competition.

This was part of the report generated by licensed Arizona home inspectors trying to get the word out to the public that being “licensed” in Arizona does not necessarily mean that the inspector is competent. Joe Burkeson, myself, and a host of others are in complete agreement.

We Covered This Before, But To Be Honest , I Am New To Nachi, I’ve Been In Business 15 Months. If The Realtor Doesn’t Own The Inspector In This Area, He Doesn’t Work! Hence In A Slow Market I’am Not Very Busy. But The Last Thing We Need To Do Is Line Any More Pockets Of Politicians And Towns, And Counties. This Is What They Want. I Think It Would Be Better If The State Gave Nachi Control Over The License Process, And We Still Paid Our $40 County Fees Like We Do Now!

Yeah, but somebodies gotta suffer a meltdown in there somewhere.

With now approx. 9,600 H.I.‘s at $289 a pop, the only one who’s makin’ out like a fat bastard is…I don’t know, but somebodies got $2,774,400.
And not all of it is spent on a pocket knife either.


Thats the sum biatch thats makin’ out, hot dang give’m credit

Dan Harris… do you think the $100 or $150 rates you get in Arizona have anything to do with the fact that though licensed… AZ has no continuing education requirements!!!

None at all? Is that true?

Seems silly for you to come here and complain about our www.nachi.org/rigorous2006.

Anyway… if licensing goes through there will be about one home inspector for every 1.2 people in Florida.

THAT is freaking hillarious !!!=D> =D> =D>


Not going to be too funny in New York, soon. Mr. Merrell has announced his first class (I believe 140 students) already full. Then…there is Mr. O’Conner’s classes beginning to fill…

200 or so new inspectors starting business in New York every two months for the next two years…mmmmmmmm. This should be interesting to watch.:smiley:

Oh Jim, I absolutely agree and they are the only ones really making the money…Pretty much I come here for $#& and giggles.

Some people say pumpin’ out like puppies, diploma mills, damn right, but hey they took the ball and went running.

Now here’s a nice idea for you misfits, Jim Ruppert designed a class for realtors on what to do and how to go about the home inspection process.

My hats off to him…he’s got a class…oh I don’t remember…maybe every month or so and he’s getting about 15-20 realtors to a class at the MLS offices here by us.

Talk about direct marketing and a captive audience. And he does a nice presentation.

I started a thread about 2 weeks ago, “Where are we headed…I wanted to see how people felt about the masses to come
Because I see this coming down the line. Like he said " you can spit and hit another friggin’ H.I.”

We are certainly not going to get rich. But I would be willing to toss around the idea of getting some people together and buying some houses, now that is where the real money could be made…


Nick Yes that is true… One sure thing is that AZ inspectors will get very little information beneficial to our customers when you think that worth while CE is inspecting non-exesint water wells in AZ.

If you look at the inspectors that are gone you will see that the largest number either belong to your org or no org at all.
The ones that will continue to stay on board have recognized or will soon recognize that local networking and CE is necessary and will get it on their own by attending CE provided by experienced inspectors in this area or will continue to see what they are not doing equal to established local inspectors as seen in the recent TV article and hopefully learn from that or be gone like the other 40%.


So Dan… let’s see now…

  1. Your average inspection is up to a wopping $150.
  2. You belong to a diploma mill association that has no entrance requirements http://www.ashi.org/inspectors/join/candidate_application1.htm
  3. Your state, though licensed, doesn’t require any continuing education (zero hours per year required).

Talk about throwing stones from a glass house.

Batter up!!!


Nuff Said

Here you go Gary.:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


  1. If you read what I posted … I stated that inspection fees increased 100-150… Not up to 150.00 :roll: :roll: :roll:

  2. I belong to an association that, yes any one can join with one major difference, they verify and enforce membership requirements and verify that an inspector met those requirements prior to marketing inspectors as "certified to the public, Opposed to your policy that it’s none of the home buyers business if an inspector ever inspected a home etc.

  3. Hey what can I say… I guess the state figured they are better off staying out of the CE business opposed to having the threat of being sued by certain HI orgs that are owned and controlled by one person if they don’t approve CE that includes subjects like inspecting non existent wells and other topics.

Throwing stones from glass houses… :roll: :roll: :roll:
Golly jeez when dealing with you it’s more like throwing boulders thru dense concrete walls.:mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Nick… Why do you only brag about how many inspectors you have in states that do not have licensing opposed to states that do have licensing where the numbers can be verified ???