A slow death for florida home inspectors

Sorry for being a pest about this as I am not a G.C. Just a regular guy trying to feed his family and give the best independent inspection I can. But i was cruising around and found this. http://www.baysideinspections.com/ Looks like were done. time to get a G.C. license if you are going to compete.

Not to call anyone out or anything but this whole licensing debacle is only benefiting one group of people.

If home inspectors aren’t licensed we are done as an independent voice.

Bull****. You have a much better chance of appearing being a member of InterNACHI then saying I am a Florida Licensed Home Inspector like 3000 other gus and it was a joke to get the license.

At least this way you can stand above the rest as an InterNACHI member who has CHOOSEN to abide by a higher standard than most. If there was licensing then you would just be another licensed number like the rest to the consumers.

If the only thing that can prevent the starvation of your family is a home inspector license…you need a new career, anyway.

Especially since it costs you additional Time and Money you do not need to spend to have the useless piece of paper.

Take the money you would have wasted on the upkeep of the license over your career and put it into advertising or state of the art equipment to bring you inspections to the top in quality and service.

The fact that this has become such a debacle is benefitting my buisiness. I am getting calls from prior RE contacts that are afraid of the liability they might incurr by jobs done wrong. General or residential contractors are NOT better at doing home inspections. They have the potential to become good inspectors but it is a long row to hoe and the training for one has nothing to do with the other. Don’t get me wrong many of the best home inspectors I know are contractors too. I also know some contractors who rationalize their findings to meet realtor expectations. The point is that the reality has nothing to do with any license.

Like i SAID WE CAN ALL STAND ABOVE THE REST AND BRAG ABOUT OUR AVAILBLE ONLINE CLASSES AND OUR sop if we let them all know we belong to InterNACHI believe it or not that makes us look much better then any mandatory sTATE LICENSE.


I really wasn’t fishing here but i think i caught a big one. i’ll show my good side and release it.

I agree 100%. The 500,000 new home inspectors and re-inspectors has vomited inexperience on my area and made me look like Yoda to my clients.

Tom, go here >>> http://www.nachi.org/forum/f73/high-quality-inspectors-needed-59187/ <<< Russell is nobody’s fool and I think he might be onto something here.

YIKES! the Meeker is beginning to make sense.

You mean just like that useless piece of paper that says “GC” on it?

Tom, now doesn’t that feel better to release the fish… I understand your frustration but I also agree with James and Meeker on this. Spend the money not on a license but on adverstising, SEO and your ability over the next guy, we all deal with this every day. There are drivers with licenses out there that can’t stay out of the left lane. The cream always rises to the top and live fish don’t float! :mrgreen:

Yes. I got a G.C. license because I HAD to to do what I wanted in construction.

You do not really think I wanted to spend all that time and money just to try to impress people do you.

It sucks I had a 2 day test and a 15 page+ application and had to spend my hard earned money.

I only do what I have to do to get the job done.

If I did not need any license I sure as hell would not be pushing to get one and have the privlige of pissing away good hard earned money.

It is not a G.C. Vs. HI thing for me it is a common sense issue.
Keep the State out of your life and business whenever possible and you will be richer and better off.:smiley:

Mike I found it much easier and cheaper to buy a GC than get my own licence. And now it is even cheaper and easier. Just read Graigslist. You can get a GC to pull a permit and run a job for less than a realtor makes on the sale. LOL

I must be dense or something…F—k the license I agree…I was happy without licensing…But one holds their licensing credentials above others…the public perceives licensing as qualified…the state considers licensed individuals as all powerful…Insurance companies only use licensed co.'s and on and on…

when one…because of his license can perform a service over an individual without one is unfair. period

c’mon guys I can’t be the only one who sees this…speak up

Yep… A lot of them do it. Not me it was to hard to get.

Hey Fred

My ability over the next guy is being hampered by licensed individuals. enough said…

BTW did you notice how he cleaned up his post when he woke up this morning…I’ve always been a catch and release kinda guy…

99.9 % are General contractors. not some run of the mill Wal-mart worker.


It is marketing you cannot blame a guy for trying to separate themselves from the rest.

The negative stuff I do is due to what I see many HI’s doing.

Many put a G.C. in a negative light claiming they only inspect to pick up sorry a-s repair work. I have spoke on the uselessness of that method of obtaining work until i AM BLUE IN THE FACE AND WILL NOT DO SO AGAIN.

damn caps sorry.

I do believe the insurance work will get worked out so any tom, dick, and harry can do it but that is not good for any of us. Now that just about anyone can do these inspections they have lost most of their value.

We all have to play with the hand we are dealt but the license will only make things worse.

My best advice is to do all you can as a NACHI member and do all the classes and such and show that to your customers.

You can even do 4 points and roof condition reports just do yourself a favor and do not use the nachi 4 point form it is a ridiculious waste of time and most of it is not needed.

If Hi’s cannot do wind mits the price will go up and then I am sure you can work something out with someone who can do them and you will both make money.

I do them for HI’s at a reduced rate and the Hi’s charge their client whatever they want then the Hi’s pay me. I do all the work take all the risk and the hi’s pay me not their clients. I could get screwed anytime but have only had one hi screw me on payment so far and I just stopped doing anything for him. When we can get more money for them there is enough to go around so you could sell the service to your client and make a few bucks without doing anything. Win, Win for all.

I do not have the spell check tool bar on this laptop that I am used to and miss a few spelling errors with it. Plus I am on vacation and do not care to much.

Tom I appreciate your fight but are you going to allow this piece of paper effect you either way? Will it make you think better of yourself because you have a licence? I don’t mean that as an insult at all but does it really matter in the end. Will you charge more because of it? There is more up in the air and on this MB how can anybody follow it. It is almost comical. Market yourself and carry on. I don’t like being told how I am going to do my job by Realtors. They will have a major impact on the SOP and they really care about the client. (that is sarcasm).