Light clearance to a wall

I’m in a brand new build and found this light really close to a wall. It’s there a minimum clearance required? I’ve tried a quick Google search but not having a ton of luck. My worry is if someone installed a bigger heavy duty bulb like a flood bulb in this location.

IMO it’s not an issue. Looks like an LED lamp so heat shouldn’t be a problem. Regarding your comment about the future I don’t think that we can make everything idiot proof but noting it in your report won’t hurt.


Good question for all the right reasons. Ultimately, for me this would not make it into my report nor even an honorable mention. Bigger fish to fry so I would move along.

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I only call them out if it’s a fixture that doesn’t have a lens that’s installed in a closet with shelves, but I tell my clents to install LED bulbs if not already installed because they don’t get so hot and they help lower the electric bill.