This IMO is borderline as far as writing it up. What do you guys think? House was built in 1972, just remodeled.

BTW, entire house was remodeled. No GFCIs in the kitchen, no smoke detectors and several other issues.

Sorry to bring up a sore subject, I know this has been hashed out over and over again. Thanks for the input.

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Hi Peter,

I don’t believe there is an issue there, if it were a pendant style maybe, but as is no.



No issues observed

What do you think could go wrong or concerns you.

Helpful pic:

Just that it was almost 3 feet from the shower head. As Gerry and Larry pointed out it’s surface mounted. I thought it was OK but sometimes it good to get a second opinion. There was so many other issue’s with this house I didn’t want to add it if not necessary.


Was this a flip?

Just observing but if water going to the ceiling area 3 feet away isan issue for the light then what about the floor?

In other words the shower door only goes 6 feet up because that’s all it needs.

No issues observed

Yes and a young single woman in her 20s is buying. So many issues. I just finished the report, 31 pages for a 900 sqr. ft home.

Size of a typical 1 bedroom apt.