LIke New Tools / Meters For Sale

About 1.5 yrs ago my storage place got broken into. I replaced many tools, meters, etc AND due to the pandemic MANY have either not been used OR hardly used. At 75 I’m dropping home inspections and doing ONLY Stucco/EIFS moisture testing, mold testing and commercial inspections … So I’m selling stuff I don’t use anymore … If interested in any of these tools, meters, etc send me an email and I can send you pics, prices, etc ( ) … Tools, Meters, Etc

  1. TPI-777 Personal Carbon Monoxide Monitor (clip to shirt, etc)

  2. Fluke Ti-32 Infrared Camera w/ hard case, all accessories

  3. Fluke T5-600 Open Jaw Electrical Test Meter (0-600V)

  4. RoboVector Self-Leveling Pocket Lazer Level w/ Case, etc

  5. Fuji Film S1000fd Digital Camera - 12x zoom / 10MP w/case

  6. Streamlight Stinger Flashlight w/ Charger

  7. UEI – Electronic Manometer

  8. UEI – Combustible Gas Detector

  9. Fieldpiece Carbon Monoxide Detector

  10. Fieldpiece SC-76 Clamp-On Amp/Volt/Ohm Meter

  11. Fieldpiece SC-53 Clamp-On Amp/Volt/Ohm Meter

  12. Fluke 116 - True RMS Volt/Ohms Multimeter

  13. Fluke 411-D (digital distance measuring meter)

  14. Freon Gauges / Knight (R-22 / R-134A / R-410A)

  15. Freon Gauges / Yellow Jacket (R-22 / R-410A) w/60” Hoses

  16. Dewalt Personal / Flexible Work Light w/chargeable battery

  17. Dewalt ½” Cordless Hammer Drill (carry case + extra battery)

  18. Electrical Wire Gauges (pocket size / Al & Cu)

  19. Shower Pan Tester (rubber covers drain)

  20. Sonin Electronic Range Finder (measures feet, inches, distance)

  21. Tool Box with over 200 pieces …… socket set, wrenches, etc, etc


The best to you, Dan!


Thanks Larry


Best of luck and health, Dan!

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Had over 40 inquiries, and 4 people wanted to buy the whole pkg.

One person did that.

I will probably have more stuff to sell later on next year as I taper off.

Today we did a 51 yr old shopping center and I used my digital camera, Fenix LD-30 flashlight, GFCI tester, a non-contact voltage tester, a ThermoPro TP30 Digital Infrared Thermometer Gun, a small handheld Dewalt electric screwdriver, a ball point pen and a notepad.

I had 2 helpers … They had the same type equipment and 1 had a moisture meter.


How much for the notepad… :smile:

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You can buy my notepad for $75 + shipping

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All Dan’s tools - $$$$$$$
All Dan’s knowledge - priceless !!!


Agreed! :slight_smile: