Line set under slab

First for me today.
HVAC line set wet under ground and under the garage coming out the wall on the opposite side.
What issues are associated with this? loss of energy? premature rot?

The biggest issue comes if the line-set ever needs replacing. If it’s sleeved it’s not that difficult. Absent a sleeve, the only real option is an exposed line-set - perhaps with a chase.

There are no “energy loss” issues (earth is an insulator) or “rot” issues (copper is allowed for direct burial) with underground sets.


Not a big issue if the lines beneath the slab ever leak and they do quite often we just run a new set up the side wall in a chase to the attic. The lowballers never use a chase just exposed lines looks like crap

Never say never with energy loss here is a pic from today’s inspect it is a split system heat pump 2005 look at the line set and tell me what would be in your report my Calif friend.

Personally, I hate to see exposed lines. There’s just no good reason not to use a chase, and your picture is a prime example of why - the insulation rots and reduces the overall efficiency of the system., especially if located on the “sunny side” of the home.

As for what I would report - I don’t see any problem with the underground portion of the line-set, but the wall mounted section obviously should be re-insulated. In addition, I would recommend the insulation be protected from damage due to UV exposure.

What else am I missing?


Out here in the big city, that unit is too close to the property line. I’m not sure if that’s an issue out in the sticks 8) :wink:


I keep forgetting that you folks use heat pumps :smiley:

Only a very small percentage of our systems are heat pumps. Gas-fired, forced air furnaces are so much more efficient and effective :wink:

No argument on that from me :smiley:

How about equipment pads, flashing and weep holes above grade? Insulate the pipes properly and have the HVAC serviced. :mrgreen::wink:

Hey buddy what does weep holes and flashing have to do with a HP:mrgreen::wink:

Don’t know, I thought since I don’t know sh$t about HVAC to speak of, I point something out that I know. :mrgreen::wink:

Sounds like your on the right track but if you sit still your bound to get run over.

I think Will Rogers said that:mrgreen:

Come run with me I teach ya HVAC and you can teach me boards and ya may have to hit me with one;-)