Can you id the problem?

How long will this compressor last?:smiley:


What is the 1/2 white PVC for.

Thats how they run condensate down here. most of the time it is run under the slab and comes up about 12" from the house.

I would simply recommend that all condenser piping be exposed to avoid any issues later. That means that the HVAC contractor must return to the site and correct his poor workmanship.

Who in their right mind would purposely bend the piping in order to bury it?

Does that condensate line come out of the building and into the ground and then back up again next to the Condenser?

That’s what I am wondering. Is it pump assisted?

I can’t tell, it’s all buried. :wink:

About as long as that siding.

Where does the compressor get its power? Is that underground too?

Ill bet you that thing will back up pretty soon. The termination point looks pretty high.

Also (I am assuming that is new costruction) what happens when they put sod down. Now the pad is not the requried 3 inches above finished grade.

Well, the air handler is in the attic which adds to the problem.:smiley:

Yes sir I see more than most you are going to be having an oil return problem as this line is creating an oil trap:) we also do our condensate lines similar but not under the slab

Mike A-coil in the attic the condensate line is just an oversized P-trap:) has to flow

:shock: :weird: Slowly back away. This install may snarl and attack you.

Which code haven’t they ignored. No electrical disconnect? Let me guess they drip leg the drain close to the condenser for evaporative cooling increasing cooling capacity by another 200 btuhr. Lineset and thermostat wiring buried???:shock:

Well Duh. (X})

Thanks Charley, living in the land of basements I just never think of attic mounted units.

I have my OPPS also, all is forgiven.

Oh by the way I sure hope that is not a dryer vent on the wall behind the unit as it is not the same shape as the square shaped outlet box down the wall from the unit. Can not tell from the pic

That nice little bend in the ground like that should causes a nice little blockage within a year or 2. The fact the air handler is in the attic will make the matter worse. The way things normally happen it will be about 2 months out of builders warranty before it goes wrong.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with an Air Handler installed in an attic.

No there is nothing wrong with an air handler in the attic, but it does add to the problem of the suction line trap. There will be oil and refrigerant migration that will slug this compressor until it is dead.:smiley:

The suction line being buried is a problem on its own. The air handler being installed in the attic does not **add **to the problem.