Refrigerant lines and condensate drain line... routed through the foundation?

Here’s a picture of the condenser unit area outside a slab foundation home. The refrigerant lines and presumed condensate line seem to be coming out of the ground next to the foundation, and eventually making their way into a first floor furnace closet. Is there anything wrong with this? Any ideas why it was done this way?

Are you in Florida? If so, doesn’t the line set, but not condensate pipe, come up through a corrugated, flexible, black landscape pipe visible underneath the indoor unit?

I’m not, I’m in Texas. I didn’t notice any plastic protector, All I could see was foil tape completely wrapped around what felt like insulation.

After posting here I found other manufacturer’s recommendations regarding burying refrigerant lines. My understanding is they need to be insulated and the insulation needs to be waterproofed and I couldn’t confirm that they were installed correctly, so that’s what I wrote, more or less.

They may very well be coming out of the ground in a black protective tube. I honestly didn’t think to start digging around when I was there. The client is contacting an HVAC tech regardless for other things, so they’re going to take a second look.