link to oil filled water pressure gauge

Does anyone have a link to a good oil filled water pressure gauge?. A gauge that comes WITH the 3/4" female hose thread adapter …The only oil filled gauges that I can find do not come with this fitting. (only the threaded male end)

I know they exist, but are rare to find in a low pressure gauge. Why do you feel the need for a low pressure (generally <100psi) gauge to be oil filled? Seems like overkill and overly $$$ expensive. Like (push-in) outlet testers at $15 each, just buy a new one every year and donate the old one to the salvation army.

It’s a lot cheaper to buy an oil filled gauge that lasts a lot longer. The cheap $15 units break and I have to keep replacing them (most likely from freezing)…I bet I have bought 15 or 20 of those since I started inspecting in 1993…Oil filled is not that expensive but just need to find one with the 3/4 inch female connector

Then buy a brass adapter with 1/4NPT to 3/4Female Hose… or I would go with a quick disconnect on the gauge side for ease of use. You should be able to find the disconnects and adapters on Amazon in ‘pressure washer’ adapters.

Ironic… you are in Nashville, and I am in Minnesota, and YOU mention a problem with freezing. I never have issue with freezing. Do you leave your tools in your truck overnight? If so, you bad! Take care of your tools, and your tools will take care of you. Just sayin!

Oh, btw, I have only needed to purchase 3 or 4 since 1996. Hmmm… :-k

You can say whatever you want. I thought my initial question was pretty simple. Just looking for a link (if anyone has one) for an oil filled gauge with the female adapter. I couldn’t care less about your situation and your experience with them…If you don’t have a link then move on to the next post

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By all means, let me get out of the way of all the others rushing in to assist you.

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The gauges are easy to find, it’s the hose bibb adapter that’s hard to come by. I use a 2 inch, glycerine filled, 100 PSI well pressure gauge. I keep reusing the same 1/4 NPT to hose thread adapter.

You can buy a throw away gauge and scavenge the adapter off of it.

Well, he’s got to buy the gauge first and then shop the plumbing store for the right adapter.

Tried to suggest that in post #4

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Another member that I had messaged earlier sent me this link for anyone that needs it…He was actually helpful and didn’t try to run me down…Imagine that.

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Bought mine a year and a half ago. Works great. No issue with freezing in my truck during winter like all the other ones.

Could you use this on that?

Garden Hose Double-Swivel Coupling - Female - Brass

There is also a farm/hardware store in San Francisco that I bought a oil filled pressure gauge with a flow meter in one length for about $35-$40 several years back. Sorry, I can’t remember the name but if I do, I’ll post it.