Water Pressure Gauge

Does anyone here use a decent water pressure gauge to measure water pressure for an inspection?

I buy one every month or so. I’ve tried glycerin filled, oil filled, cheap ones, expensive ones, but haven’t found one that would last more than about 15 times of use. I’ve spent $10 on one, and $35 on another, and found no difference in longevity.

I see them mounted, usually on well pumps, and have been in place for years and years without failing. I’m thinking on/off so many times just wears them out, but surely there’s a gauge that will last.

Just wonder if anyone else is having this issue, or what type/brand gauge is being used? :neutral:

I use gauges like these https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B006K2R9WO/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1

I transfer over the hose bibb attachment. I’ve never had a glycerine or oil filled gauge fail if I didn’t let it freeze. The non-filled gauges will bend needles if you get any chatter when you open the valve.

What kind of failures are you experiencing?

Thanks for the link, Chuck, I’ll try one. I’ve bought them from Northern Tools, Lowe’s, the local hardware store, etc.

They always seem to “stick” at the last pressure reading I took.

Funny thing, they still work, you just have to subtract the final reading from the reading you started with!

They are in my tool bag, and I take it in every day, so they don’t freeze.

I used to lose 1 or 2 a year to freezing overnight in the truck. Then I bought the unit below in April 2014. Haven’t had a problem since. Works great and no issues. Currently $25.32 on Amazon Prime.

Cheeeeeep - “functions as intended” :slight_smile:
9 months & still AOK.

I bought this one from Locke Plumbing supply and have no issues but I don’t throw my gauges around

Try slowing turning the valve on .

I have a similar one plastic body maybe 5 yrs old

Michael, email me your mailing address: whis11 at charter . net

I carry two of them at all times just in case one fails.

Rain Bird Irrigation water pressure gauge available at Home Depot for about $10. Lasts quite a long time as long as it doesn’t freeze. I also flush the hose bib for a short time prior to attachment.

I like the bleeder valve to keep from spraying water on yourself when taking the gauge off the bib.

You’re a winner, Red Hat! (Even if you are a Sooner) :mrgreen:

There is no soap in that water I guarantee it won’t hurt you;-)

I highly recommend this one. I’m on my 2nd one in 11 years.

Hope this helps.

To be honest, I haven’t sprayed myself since I hired an assistant! :wink: