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Another site to list your services…

Here is mine. http://www.homeinspectorreferenceman…hp?pr=PRO-ZONE

As I get each state completed I will offer any NACHI Inspector residing in that state to advertise for FREE for one full year. Each NACHI inspector will have the opportnity to choose five zip codes that they service. In addition if you also do commercial inspections you may choose an additional five zip codes.

The beauty of the system is that potential clients will be able to locate you in two ways. City or zip. So you actually will be receiving 10 general listings for free for one year.

NOTE that this is for general listings only which will cost a mere 1.20 per listing per year. This will be ran on a first come, first listed system. In addition upgrades are available.

UPGRADE and costs:

For 12.00 per year your business and name will be listed at the top of the chosen zip code.

For $9.00 per year your business and name will be listed in the second spot of the chosen zip code.

For $6.00 per year your business and name will be listed in the third spot of the chosen zip code.

For $3.00 per year your business and name will be listed in the fourth spot of the chosen zip code.

and the one being offered for FREE is the 5th through whatever position. Your business and name will be listed as first come first listed position.

You choose the position of your name and business. In other words if you wish to pay for the second spot and no other inspectors advertise in that zip code you will actually appear at the top. Well that is until someone else purchases the top (or first) spot.

For an example of a listing see: http://www.homeinspectorreferenceman…p52BrantfordON

Note that at the bottom you can place whatever you wish as far as services or motto. I would suggest that you write something up to the fact that you additionally perform Four Point Inspections, Radon, Mold, Termite or whatever.

Oh by the way, Canadians have their own special spot. Unfortunately or fourtunately they get to list by city only. Same offer is extended to them however.

For U.S. members please go to http://www.homeinspectorreferenceman…?pr=GET_LISTED

For Canadian members you will need to send me an email with your listings.
Simply provide the city’s you wish to be listed in and then an example of the information to be posted. Again, if you do commercial inspections I will list them also.

All areas of Canada are ready with the exceptions of Quebec and Saskatchewan. They will be done shortly.

The following U.S. States are ready:


For those that have paid their $5.00 administrative fee to join the NACHI National “On-Line” Chapter this offer of FREE advertising under the General Listing is extended for up to 20 zip codes.

That’s right 20 Zip Codes for Residential Inspections, and 20 Zip Codes for Commercial Inspections.

looks good

I clicked on the cities that start with D in california and it came back with alabama ones. I did not check the others, might want to verify all.

Thanks Bruce. Fixed, I hope.

Conneticut and Delaware also available now.

Nice job John, I agree that using the zip code is the way to go.

I signed up with NC and SC cities and zip codes. How do I figure my cost etc?

Bruce: Thanks for the inquiry. This would be a good time to post a sample (I’ll use you) for all to see.

Here is the list of zip codes that you submitted:

Rock Hill, SC 29730 - No charge for the first year - 5 free general listings.
Rock Hill, SC 29732 - Free general listing #2 for first year
York, SC 29745 - Free general listing #3 for first year
Fort Mill, SC 29715 - Free general listing #4 for first year
Fort Mill, SC 29708 - Free general listing #5 for first year
Columbia, SC 29203- $1.20/year General Listing.
Columbia, SC 29210 - $1.20/year General Listing.
Columbia, SC 29229 - $1.20/year General Listing.
Clover, SC 29710 - $1.20/year General Listing.
Charlotte, NC 28031 - $1.20/year General Listing.
Charlotte, NC 28036 - $1.20/year General Listing
Charlotte, NC 28207 - $1.20/year General Listing
Charlotte, NC 28211 - $1.20/year General Listing.
Charlotte, NC 28277 - $1.20/year General Listing.
Charlotte, NC 28226 - $1.20/year General Listing.
Charlotte, NC 28204 - $1.20/year General Listing.
Charlotte, NC 28104 - $1.20/year General Listing.
Charlotte, NC 28202 - $1.20/year General Listing.
Charlotte, NC 28203 - $1.20/year General Listing.
Charlotte, NC 28209 - $1.20/year General Listing.
Charlotte, NC 28211 - $1.20/year General Listing.
Belmont, NC 28012 - $1.20/year General Listing.
Gastonia, NC 28056 - $1.20/year General Listing.
Gastonia, NC 28054 - $1.20/year General Listing.
Pineville, NC 28134 - $1.20/year General Listing.
Huntersville, NC 28078 - $1.20/year General Listing.
Cornelius, NC 28031 - $1.20/year General Listing.
Mount Holly, NC 28120 - $1.20/year General Listing.

23 Zips at $1.20/year = $27.60. (Don’t forget that you will actually be listed on the site 46 times for this cost. Once under zip search and once under city search. In addition don’t forget the 10 times you will be listed for the 5 free zips for the first year. So in total you will be listed 56 times). Provided no changes are made your renewal costs would be $33.60 next year. Stealing from NACHI’s sales pitch - that would be less than .10 per day to advertise in 56 zip codes and city listings per year.

ok, where do home buyers search/look to find the web site that has us listed? How many other high traffic real estate web sites link to this one?
which ones?

Well, I would think the smart thing to do since all these new directories are starting up, would be to have them all link to each other, and then have inspectors linking back to them and each other…

Or something like that. shrug

maximize what’s going on… :slight_smile:


It looks like NC is setup but I don’t show up.
It just gives a list of cities and zipcodes.

John, I sent you e-mail with the cities I work in two or three weeks ago, but none of them is listed on your site :frowning: . Did you receive my e-mail or should I re-send it? Thanks. Yuri.

John B:

Now I know why the MAB proposal was not supported. This is a truly vendor driven association. I like how Tedesco gets booted and now gets a piece of the action as a sponsor.

What’s next?

Hey John,

Ok, who owns this particular site, company, index, etc? Is this a NACHI program? It’s beginning to seam like NACHI is made up of a thousand home inspectors and eight thousand vendors. If our goal is to increase online traffic to our membership, (Home Inspectors), shouldn’t we be focusing on improving the search engine results of the two major NACHI inspector locators already in play? Out here in California, the CREIA and ASHI inspector search engines show up in search results far more often than NACHI.


You do make a good point in the regard that having vendors in decision making capacities at NACHI National has the propensity for a definite conflict of interest. If you actually feel that MAB proposals are not being supported because of this, this is a real issue.

Perhaps the MAB could discuss this and present some proposed language to the Ethics Committee to incorporate into the code.

The MAB on May 22, 2006 unanimously adopted this proposal. It was sent to Wiley, Bowman, and Sabados. They approved it and forwarded it to Nick. Nick approved it and posted it the What’s New Section. Farsetta by himself shot it down and it is no longer in effect. The What’s New thread has been deleted. (I mean moderated) I mean it is no longer there to protect Farsetta. (Misc Discussion Section) (Nick put the word draft. This document was approved by the MAB, NACHI ED, P, & VP) (Misc Discussion Section) (The Membership Speaks Out) (Misc Discussion Section) (More Support for the MAB) (Members Only Section)

Trying to decipher your inputs. Be patient. You have cities and zip codes that do not match. But I’ll figure it out.


Did receive your listings. You have 23 cities listed in Ontario. You did not send me your contact information, website, etc. So anyways I found your website and will assemble the information from it.

What is popular at a given moment in time is not always what is right. If it were, then every minority in the world would be on the brink of extinction.

Besides, I do not see any links between the issues presented in your two posts. What vendor driven issues led the members of MAB to feel they should replace the Ethics Committee with themselves?