Listing Agent Contacting Me

I did a Home Inspection about five days ago. It had some electrical issues. My clients agent wanted a quote on how much everything cost. I said that I don’t give quotes and they need to contact a electrician for one. I told them it is also really hard right now because of fluctuating prices and availability to even try to give a estimate right now. One way or another the listing agent got my number and is calling me. She wants a itemized list of everything needed. I am not comfortable doing this either. I called out quite a few issues. It might need new service in my opinion. None of this seems to be standard practice. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks

First you should only be talking to your client and their agent unless your client gave permission to talk to others.

Tell her it is all in the report and to read it to get her list.

Just keep telling her that it is in the report, because if you make a list and miss something, it will not be good for you.

That is why you make a report.


This is what I thought. OK great.

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It’s up to the Buyer’s Agent to let the Listing Agent know what, if anything, they would like to have corrected. Let them do their jobs.




Neither her or the person she’s representing paid you for any services, but they feel like they can give you a to-do list? That’s cute. She must be new.


She is asking for a contractor “scope of work”. Our inspection reports do not include scope of work, however a contractor my use information there-in to generate a scope of work or estimate if they choose.

That is why we can comfortably say things like, multiple electrical safety issues observed throughout the home such as blah blah blah or blah.

So, you can say to her; please refer to the report and follow recommendations there-in.


So she can have (Contractor in his own mind) Uncle Billy-Bob come over for a few beers and make repairs!!

Stick to your guns. She can go to hell.