Damage control

I did an inspection a week ago, and found some issues. I told them the roofing material is deteriorated and should be evaluated by a roofing contractor. The roofer told the buyer that roof would need to be replaced in less than 4 years. Now the buyers agent called me and said the sellers agent was complaining about me being too nit picky and taking forever to do the inspection. The house was 1600 sqft and I took about 2 1/2 hours. I know the seller agent was pissed because she didn’t get her comission. I tried to contact this agent to find out what the deal is and do some damage control. I don’t want this lady bad mouthing me and screwing up my business. What can I do.

Get used to it.

Don’t do a thing. You did your job. There are always going to be those who will badmouth the inspector who is doing the job the way it is supposed to be done. She can just get glad in the same panties she got mad in.

Clients need to know the condition of their roof. I’d be willing to bet that there are roofers that would have told them it was within a year or so of needing replacement, perhaps some would say, “now”.

You did your job, move on and do it again.

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Remove her mouth.

The unfortunate side effect of doing a good job. I’ll bet you will get a good recommendation from your client that will offset the possible badmouth from the sellers agent.

There isn’t a great deal of damage control that you can do directly. Contact the agent, his/her broker and the sellers and make yourself available for questions. Be helpful, but not apologetic from doing your job. Thats why your clients hired you.

Look closely, miss nothing, write hard.

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JRichards -

Was the listing agent the client?? Did the LA or seller pay for your services??

If so by all means talk to them politely. If not $crew them.

OR if you’re in a playful mood, call and say “Thank you for the compliment, I understand you’ve never had a thorough home inspection before - how horrible for you. In the future I’ll try and devote a little extra time and attention to your listings to ensure you have a LARGE amount of protection”.

They’ll really be impressed with your dedication and friendly attitude.

OR you could call them and tell them that your fee’s are based on how many defects you find, OR you charge by the hour and the longer you take, the more you make. Learn to roll with the punches & hit back (hard & low). They don’t like being treated the same way they try and treat you but they learn to respect you for it.

You need to remember, right now the real estate market in Florida is in the ‘toilet’. Anything that you write that may cause a deal to not close effects that realtors pocket book. You did your job. Your duty is to your client, not the realtor. Now she is pissed because she has to disclose your findings. It doesnt sound like you said the roof was bad, the roofer said it was bad.

You will get more referrals off your client than you will the selling agent. Just remember, you cannot make friends everywhere. The most important place to make them is with your client, by doing a good job.

I have never had anyone talk **** behind my back,at least that I know of. I like it straight up and in my face. I have pissed a couple sellers and agents off before and I didn’t care in the least. This lady has an agent that has refered alot of business to me questioning my ability. I talked to him and straightened things out, but this really pisses me off. On a good note the people who hired me to inspect that house have hired me to do another home on Wednsday, I wish it was the same listing agent so I could piss in her cherios. Thanks for all of your kind words.

P.S. How do you remove the mouth? Or should I just go for the whole head?

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I would not get into a urination joust with this woman. BE the Professional and kill her with kindness. Chances are pretty good her co-workers and colleagues knows what she is and do not take too much of what she says seriously. If she persists then I might have my lawyer write her a nice letter on the finer points of slander and such.

If you really want to get business from the listing agent, you could contact her and offer to do a pre-listing inspection at a discount or free if there’s a lot of business to be gotten.
You could go to her office and take her a box of doughnuts… and if that doesn’t work, some brownies with Ex-Lax… http://smileys.smileycentral.com/cat/36/36_11_3.gif


You were hired by the client to do a thorough inspection. You are obligated to the the inspection as thorough and professional as possible according to NACHI SOP. For as many agents that are angry about a picky inspection, there are just as many that are grateful you did a thorough inspection. You can’t make everyone happy in this business all the time.