Little Giant 15 Foot Ladder for $129

Just saw this on woot and thought y’all might want to take a look. I know this ladder is much more expensive at retail prices. I don’t know if it’s any good, but the infomercials always have me interested :slight_smile:


Chris you beat me to it. I just noticed it as well and was going to post. Good job!

And for anyone who isn’t familiar with, shipping is always only $5.00, no matter what the item is.

I’m holding out for the ‘Bag of Crap’


Got me a spare now!!!
I paid $400 for my little giant 7 years ago.

I took one extension end off the ladder and I don’t even carry it with me anymore. It makes the ladder that much lighter and easier to carry and the no-extension end fits right into the smallest attic hatches.

I had been thinking about getting one anyway. Great price - ordered one! Thanks