Good morning, Just wanted to see what everyone is using for ladders I’m looking at getting something different. Right now I’m looking at the Little Giant type ladders either a 22’ or 26’ any thoughts on these ladders? Do I need one that extends that tall?

Any feed back would be greatly appreciated.


I have a 26, 20 and a 16. They are Costco brand but similar to little giant just less money . Used them for over four years now and for home inspection the do all I ever need.
Bought one at SAMs club and ordered the others

I have those 3 as well.
I don’t use the 26 very often, but it is there when needed.
I got the 26 off Craigslist.
It was brand new still in the wrapper with all the extra attachments and all I paid was $100 .
I watch CL everyday for deals.

Check this CL link in Boise…

I’d offer them $75 to start .

I have a 16’ Krause Multimatic for taller roofs and a 12.5’ Xtend & Climb for attics and most roofs.

28ft Werner, 17ft Little Giant, and 10.5 Extend and Climb

John will be along at some point to show the ladder I want :slight_smile:

26’ werner (little giant style), 12.5’ extend and climb, 4’ step ladder.


Little Giant Conquest and Sumo stance. I never leave home without them.

I was thinking about that wonderful two pulley system as I was hoisting my extension ladder today John :slight_smile:

LG tactical. heavy but rock solid.

I did an inspection yesterday for the neighbor of the guy that invented Little Giant ladders. Their factory is down the street.

If you want to be a pro, the only way to go!

Little Giant! JMO!!


Just joking I wish I could get a great idea… I keep trying but no luck so far.

Little Giant 17 ft, 28 ft fiberglass for the tall ones.

12.5’ extend & climb for 99% of the roofs, 22’ LG for the other 1%.

I don’t bring the LG with me unless I know I will have a 2nd story roof without a lower roof to go from.

I bought a 17’ ladder from Harbor freight, it was only $100 on sale and seems to be a great ladder so far and well built and very sturdy, in case you have a Harbor freight in your area.

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