Little help

Its late, Im tired, and this panel is confusing me. It looks me like there is a bar connecting the neurtral bar with the bar on the other side where the ground wire is. Should not that ground wire be connected to the screw under the neutral wires on the right side of the box.

11448 NW 93 Pl Hialeah(Webster) 010.jpg

The two larger bars are neutral bars. See the insulated strap connecting them and the bond strap NOT connected on the right side?

The smaller bar, lower down, with the large green wire attached, is the ground bar. I see no grounds connected to the neutral bars.

Looking closer there may be one larger green attached to the left neutral bar near the top. If this is so then that one point is not correct.

Look at the bar at the far left of the box. There is a green (ground) wire connected to the top of the bar.

Yup. I snuck my post in just under yours.
It does look that way.