Ground bar question

Found this ground bar in a panel yesterday not attached. Best was to comment?

misc 026.jpg

So the double tapped brakers were lower on the hazard list in that box.

Along with the open knock-out in the rear.

How many loose wires did you have to push aside to remove the cover???

I hope there wasn’t too many water pipes dripping there! :wink:

Oh, how well did the GFCI’s work and how faulty were the grounds on the recepticles through out the house?

Do I see two aluminum neutral conductors at very top of neutral bar?
What are all those loose wires hanging in front of panel? See some double taps.

Raymond Wand
Alton, ON

John, can I use those photo’s in my DVD Presentation I’m making?

Not that I would for sure but I might like to use them.

…and all the grounds twisted together, and the cables dagling in front of the panel, and whatever that connection in the top left is (red & black wire-nutted to a white?), etc, etc.

John…I’d go with mentioning a few of the above and then something along the lines of “The number of problems within this panel (and the surrounding circuit wiring) indicate that this electrical installation is not the work of a professional licensed electrician. There may be other problems that were not detecatable because of the limited scope of a home inspection. Recommend a licensed and insured electrician make all needed repairs to this panel and fully evaluate the elctrical system of this home.”

I think the ground/neutral terminals on the right in the second picture are torn out from the last breaker box (before the upgrade). Whoever (homeowners Uncle Jerry), didn’t want to unscrew each ground from the terminal bar & may have forced it out of the previous panel. It doesn’t look fastened to the inside of this panel box and some of the screw terminals are rusty in comparision to the terminals that are fastened to this main panel box. Definitly old & new wire in this one.

Or maybe not.

Jason, noted the dbl. tap and open k/o. Hadn’t seen a grd. bar loose like that before. GFI’s and grd. outlets checked out fine through out. Dangling wires were mostly unused cable runs. Helpyour self to the pics, I probably have more if you need anything.
Raymond, the only aluminum wire noted was the service cable and the one large wire to the gd. bar.
Richard, thanks for the verbage!
Appreciate the response guys!:slight_smile: