Live from Toronto...

We’re here in Toronto, having a great time. Tons of classes, tons of people, tons of vendors. For those of you who couldn’t make it, here are some pictures that we’ll be updating throughout the week:


Must be a very casual event. Sorry I couldn’t make it. I hope to next year.

Sorry for not being able to attend…Got a court notice for tomorrow for a transactional meeting. We have FINALLY got them.

By the way Nick you look wonderfull

Hey guys… we’ve been uploading pictures all day. Tim just put a new batch up just a few minutes ago. Take a look:

There’s another great picture of Nick in the latest batch.

Fantastic is the only way I can say it Busy, busy,busy.
Dea with out a dought has done a fantastic job.
Thanks to all who came up and introduced them selves.
I am impressed in how well every one is so happy and pleased .
There are people from all over the world .
The NACHI members sure have shown how much they appreciate the First Canadian Nachi conference.
I talked to many of those vendors who are very impressed with the first day.
Roy Cooke Thanks to every one


Can you add just a few headings to give us an idea of who we are looking at?

wow, just wow

were a sorry lookin bunch…lol

On slide 43 from the lunch time(2PM) pics, I’m on the right with the red bag on my shoulder.

Oh, wrong Chris, sorry.


I think I’ll put that on my brochure, under NACHI Certified.