I am currently attending classes in order to start a home inspection business in the capitol region of New York State. I was wondering if any of you can explain the main differences of LLC vs DBA including the liability and the tax items.

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LLC is a corporate structure that limits your personal liability.

DBA is a way for you to legally use a particular name in your business. It’s like a nicname.

For example: My company name is: “Solid Rock Inspections, LLC.” However, I do business as (DBA) “Kingdom Inspection Network Group”

LLC refers to tax liability and has little to do with personal liability.

You may want to check on that info a little bit David. I believe you are mistaken. :smiley:

I’ve been known to be mistaken Mark, but in this case it can’t be by much :wink:

All things being equal, tax structure is a more important consideration when considerating a LLC verser other entities, particular in the context of our profession where there are many solo-artists.

…in fact, in the context of this thread, a DBA is not a business entity. Its an alias registered to a business and not much more.

I agree with the above statement.

When it comes to LLC, in the state of Indiana you will not be held responsible unless you don’t do things correctly regarding how you run your business.

This link is one example of what we can do to prevent somebody from “piercing the veil”.

Note: My operating agreement is 10 pages.

LLC - Limited Liability Company- this separates your personnel assets from your business assets completely.
DBA - Doing Business As
DBA- is added after you have formed your company,
to use a different company name.

Dave, as you can see, there are many opinions out there. It is best to seek counsel from your own business professionals (attorney, accountant, etc.).

Thank you guys. Accountant appointment required!!!