Inspection vs Inspector in business name

Hi all,
I am new here and just applying now for my NY state license.
This may sound silly, but in the online states website online Name Search, a name i want to use is similarly already used - i want to use: ‘----- Home Inspection LLC’, for my business, but there is already an ‘A ----- Home Inspection LLC’ in operation, so i was thinking of using ‘----- Home Inspectors LLC’.
My question is, is there a difference in name searches when using ‘Inspectors’ in a title when people are typing in ‘Inspection’ in their online searches? Does it infer something else? Is it inconsequential as the real estate agent would recommend me anyway? Or are they simply interchangeable words and im overthinking my title?

Do you really want to start your business by having a confusing name or nearly exact/similar sounding name?

I don’t know the stats on the search terms “inspector” vs. “inspection”; there may be some statistical data, but after awhile, it won’t matter if you’re successful.

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You note you are in New York State; I know from experience with the State that they will let you know if in their opinion the name you choose is in conflict with other LLCs in the State. Also, having taught the State Home Inspector Qualification Course students have found the same. As long as the name is not in direct conflict you should be okay. For example, using your NAME Home Inspection LLC would be fine as long as another inspector having the same NAME has not registered as NAME Home Inspection LLC. In my opinion using Inspectors vs. Inspection would not set you apart in the mind of the public - they would search Home Inspectors and find Home Inspection - effectively lowering the usefulness of your advertising. I highly doubt search engine algorithms would be of any benefit to you differentiating between Inspection and Inspectors.


I’m with Dominic. Do you want to start your business with a nearly same name as another company?

Actually im not adverse to having a different name, but wanted to have the conversation.
When i went to the SBA the guy told me to search a name, if there was one similar, ‘just add in a period somewhere’ to differentiate it, and i thought of AA transport vs AAA transport vs A1 transoprt type of names and thought… no i dont want to get mixed up in that kind of thing… but the idea that the name search came up clean, then within the online application it told me i couldn’t use it because of a name that didnt even come up in the close names in the original search, made me wonder just how many searches i would have to do… i spoke with Another SBA rep last nigh who was suprised at the ‘old schoolness’ by what to other guy told me… just as i am.
Also, im trying Not to use my name in the title to differentiate this with my house painting business which is ny name… and the other similar name is in another part of the state, so im not worried about closeness.

Thank you. Im really not against changing the name… being new to this it was the ‘inspector/inspection’ part of the name i wad hesitant about using for search reason and u think you clarified that well for me… also, Im trying not to use my name to separate it from my house painting business which is my name,… though considering my already locally recognized name may just be a benefit. it just may be the easiest route anyway.

Hello again Daniel,
Using SBA people can be helpful as can members of SCORE - (Service Core of Retired Executives) note well, “retired” business execs. But, they don’t always keep abreast of “todays’ conditions”. The AA vs AAA vs A.A is an archaic leftover from the alphabetical listings of telephone books (do you remember those?). You are in NY State; take advantage of the free information available from the Dept of State office handling business name registrations. Well, sorry, not really free - your taxes have paid for the service!
Good luck. BTW, NY is a big state - where are you located? Take advantage of joining any InterNACHI Chapters. We have a small group here in the Capitol Region.