Local Chapter Meeting topics

For Ontario Inspectors Only

Coming up with ideas that will please everyone is always difficult, so this is a call to Home Inspectors in Ontario for ideas for subjects to discuss during Chapter meetings relevant to Home Inspections or associated topics.

Throw them out there and we’ll see:

a: What the response is
b: What the needs are

Then I’ll do my best to organise speakers/material for the topics, and try to assist in setting these up across Ontario.

Great idea I have attended about 15 or more always enjoyable and the knowledge gained is great .
You can talk about grow houses ?
How new Inspectors can present them selves to their client .
Get a person to talk about Spray insulation.
Get some one to talk about drive way creep and how to avoid it.
get a fire man to talk about alarms.
A water proof the basement walls .
A person who puts foil on Windows and how well it works .
A lawyer to talk about protecting your self .
These are just a few that I have seen and all came for free .
Ask Nick I expect he would love to come to Canada .

We have some great inspectors who I expect would come and pass on some of their Knowledge .

Hope this starts a series of chapter meeting .
Thanks for the post ,I hope all support this big time … Roy

Great input, Thanks Roy. Now let’s see who else is listening. :smiley:

Any ideas on best times and locations?

Types of premises?
Best times for people?

Barrie #1
Oshawa #2
Brantford #3
All are close to many inspectors and cost is lower then Toronto.
Some libraries have conference rooms for a low price .
A Saturday well after school has started before the snow comes .

Thanks Roy.
Barrie poses a problem, as they have a local jurisdictional law that prohibits anyone but RHI’s from Inspecting. I have been in touch with them several times about this restrictive practice but to date all has fallen on deaf ears.

Any meeting in that area has normally been covered by OAHI. They do provide good meetings and I’ve been to a few there even though they are over 100km from me.

What about Hamilton/Missisauga/Milton? Anyone else have preferences?


I think talking about building business relationships, targeted towards newer members, bring in construction companies to talk about newer building and some of the new developments in Ontario

Commercial electricians to give a better overview on some newer systems.

Marketing strategies.

Have inspectors talk about how they have overcome the industry (15 Mins of fame);
1 how they have learned from failure
2 things they do to be successful in their area
3 tips and tools on how they do their inspection
4 how they have built relationships
5 how they use their marketing
6 if they had to start all over again, what would they do different?

Just some of the input I can think of.

I would keep meeting around 90 mins,

Introduction, education presentation, guest speaker, sponsors door prize? Coffee meet and greet.

I would like to see something for the Kingston to Ottawa area, I don’t mind Milton area

I have a presentation on “fire protection”. I will also be presenting an “americanized” version at the ASHI Conference this winter.

Just for your consideration for a future education session.

That’s the first I have heard this .
I new Barrie required all Home Inspections inside Barrie had to have a Barrie licence for home Inspectors .
I just did a NACHI search and there are a lot of NACHI inspectors inside Barrie .

Even if Barrie has this restriction ,I do not see why we should not use that area for a meeting .

Just talked to Eric a CMI and NACHI Barrie member and he said as long as the Inspector has a Barrie licence he can inspect in Barrie .

The First NACHI Canada meeting was held in Barrie and their was a great turn out .
The second one was in Toronto and again great turn out .
The ( third I think ) was held in Kingston a great turn out.
All close to 70 I think~

[quote=“rcooke, post:9, topic:98977”]

That’s the first I have heard this . Be it as it may, have a look below at the excerpt about Home Inspector Businesses as per “By-law 2006-266 from The Corporation of the City of Barrie” HOME/PROPERTY INSPECTOR
Authority: Municipal Act, S.O. 2001, c. 25 OPERATING CRITERIA No person shall operate or maintain the business of Home Inspector within the City without first having obtained a licence to do so. The applicant shall provide to the Issuer of Licences at the time of application, proof of liability insurance in the minimum amount of $2,000,000. Every individual, at the time of application shall produce to the Issuer of Licences a Criminal Record Check obtained from a Police enforcement agency and dated within 30 days of the date of receipt of the application. Every individual at the time of application shall produce to the Issuer of Licences at the time of application, two pieces of identification, one of which shall be photographic identification. Such identification shall clearly state the applicant’s name and current residential address. The licensee shall ensure that he carries with him and displays on his person the photographic identification as provided by the City of Barrie. No person shall engage in, or carry on his business by inspecting a residential dwelling within the City before 9:00 a.m. any day or after 9:00 p.m. any day. Every applicant shall provide, at the time of application, proof of membership with the Ontario Association of Home Inspectors. Every licensee shall maintain membership in good standing with the Ontario Association of Home Inspectors.

Very Interesting thanks Patrick Looks like Barrie has a problem .
I have been on the phone for about 1 hour will post more tomorrow as to what they have to say…

I talked to NICK a couple of weeks ago ree a chapter meeting in Ontario .
He said he would love to come to Canada again .

Roy, This is really helpful. I’ve tried several times with the people at Barrie. I’ve talked to the people at the MGCS to see what can be done about Barrie (and Windsor) using the terms “Licensed” for Home Inspectors as it causes problems elsewhere in Ontario.

The answer from all of them “We’ll look into it for you” followed by a deafening silence.

Talking to a Barrie official the License seems to be a Business license.
The cost is $205.00 and only three 3 Home inspectors have bought the license and there have been no charges laid .
From the NACHI site looks like there are 12 Nachi Home inspectors living in Barrie and 60 in the out side area = 72 total .
I only talked to one who has the license .
Looks to my like there is no enforcement could this be because ??? .
This figure would be much larger with none members and members of other associations doing inspections .

I think they could find it hard to make a case by allowing only OAHI to do inspections ,sounds like discrimination to me.

You should look into it further and get it corrected if they are discriminating!


Thanks but I see no reason for me going any further .

Looks to me like they have zero enforcement .
and most Inspector’s seem to just ignore the license requirements .